GRTU Lease Access Program

2018 – 2019 GRTU Lease Access Program Open For Enrollment 

We are proud to announce that the 2018 – 2019 Lease Access Program is open for enrollment. Some changes have been made to the Lease Access Program (LAP) for this upcoming season. The changes will not only help us increase satisfaction with the LAP, but are also intended to reduce the infractions to the LAP guidelines that can jeopardize our leases.
New to the 2018 – 2019 Lease Access Program

  • New Membership Signup Process
  • 850 Memberships (Raised from 700)
  • 3 Minute Orientation Video
  • 5 Question Quiz
  • $165 LAP Cost to include GRTU processing and shipping fees
  • If you are already a TU Member – Have Your ID Number Ready
  • Access to the Members Website
  • Private Forum Access
  • Digital Map with Lease Information & Clickable Google Map Links
  • Printable Map
  • Printable Guest and Youth Pass
  • Low Profile New Membership Badge
  • Removal of Spouse Pass

Please take your time when going through our new orientation.  We have created a three minute video that educates prospective lease members of our rules and regulations. We have lost many leases in the past and we hope this new process reduces the issues.  After you pass the quiz, if you are an existing TU member, you will need to input your ID number.  We have listed TU National’s phone number so that they can assist you if you have lost your card.

I would personally like to thank all of our LAP members for their support of the chapter and the fishery. We are a completely voluntary organization, operating by the sheer passion that drives us all. Please remember to be good ambassadors for GRTU while on the river and share your love for the river whenever / wherever you can!

Have a great season!

Dustin Scott – V.P. of Membership

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Lease Access Regulations

Lease Access Conduct Guidelines


Trout Unlimited (TU) National Membership

We recommend while signing up online for the Lease Access Program (LAP) you join TU National (GRTU is Chapter 066 of TU National) or renew your TU National membership during the online LAP sign-up process (highly recommended). Credit cards are accepted.

If you are not interested in signing up for the LAP and only want to be a TU/GRTU member, you may go to All National TU members who reside in Texas, are automatically assigned to GRTU. The current National TU membership fee is on the application form. If the LAP program is in season and available below, you may alternatively sign up for TU/GRTU on this website when it is available (typically around 1 Oct – 15 Jan each year). If it’s outside of that season and there is no link below for membership, then use the first option of going to

Change of Address for Current Members

Current members can update their e-mail address, US mailing address, phone numbers and other membership information by calling TU Customer Service Team at 1-800-834-2419 or logging onto the TU national site TU Member Login.

Direct Donations

To make direct donations to any GRTU fund Click here to donate.