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GRTU Youth to Attend Teen Summit – A TU National Leadership Conference

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GRTU has once again stepped up to the plate in a big way by providing funding for two area teens, Amber Muttoni of Cedar Park and Jake Marshall of San Antonio to attend the TU Teen Summit National Leadership Conference. Each of the last four Years GRTU leadership has approved sponsoring Texas teens to attend the Teen Summit.

The 2018 Summit will be held June 17-21st at Graves Mountain Lodge in Syria, Virginia near the Shenandoah National Park.

Amber Muttoni, GRTU Youth Camp attendee and active youth leader, shares her experience from the Teen Summits: “For the past three years, I have been accepted to the Trout Unlimited Teen Summit. I cannot say how much attending this camp means to me. The relationships you develop in just one short week make an impact on you that lasts a lifetime. The most beneficial part of the camp is the knowledge you gain from the people you meet. No matter what level of experience you have attained in the sport of fly fishing, someone is always teaching you something new.”

“My favorite part of the camp is the wildlife. No matter where the camp is located (i.e. Montana, Michigan, etc.), we are always surrounded by the most beautiful scenery. I know that everyone can relate when I say there is nothing like watching a brook trout explode out of the water to grab the Purple Haze you just tied on.”

“The teens and adults of this camp all have one main thing in common: the love for wildlife and the desire to preserve it for future generations.”

The Teen Summit is for teens across the country to meet other TU teens and develop strategies for TU to better engage teen members, learn how to become a TU leader in their community, work on a service project, and fish! They will spend three full days with a group of new friends that love fishing, the outdoors and TU.

Jake Marshall has this to say about his experience at the Summit: “When I first attended the Teen Summit, I had really only fished with guides and had not done a lot of conservation work. That changed after the Summit. There were no guides at the Summit, so I had to fish without a guide for the first time, which was a very fun experience. By taking that jump, it made me realize how much more fun it is to fish by yourself, because you are the one doing everything, and you are not relying on anyone else. It really made me open my eyes and see why people fish without guides.”

“I had also not done a lot of conservation work before the Summit; however, I began to do more after I attended. The first thing I did was start a fishing club at my school. My school requires that it goes through one year of being a “interest group” instead of a club, so it will officially be a club my senior year. The second thing that I did contact Ron McAlpin, GRTU Trout in the Classroom Leader, regarding Saint Mary’s Hall Lower School being a participant in the Trout in the Classroom program. The interest group would mentor the Lower School Students involved with the Trout in the Classroom program. My goal is that this program instills a conservation mindset in our Lower School Students. I am excited about returning to the Summit this year and honing my fishing skills as well as furthering my conservation knowledge.”

GRTU continues to prioritize youth education and outreach efforts. We believe passing on the heritage of trout fishing and conservation is essential for the future our natural resources. These youth leaders have been instrumental in developing and growing our very own Youth Trout Camp and have worked within their communities to recruit others teens to our program. They’ve also been very good at getting their parents involved in our chapter too!

GRTU is proud to have Amber Muttoni and Jake Marshall representing us at the Teen Summit!

Summit activities include: · conservation and fishing · leadership skills workshops to bring new TU activities into your community · conservation and science sessions · fly tying and fly fishing workshops · fly fishing and conservation biology guest speakers · a service project at a local stream · lots of time for hanging out by the campfire, tying flies, and fishing!

GRTU Youth Program Chair | Dakus Geeslin

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