Speakers and Celebrity Guests
Troutfest 2017



Kirk Deeter is the Vice President/Editor-in-Chief of the Trout Media group of Trout Unlimited.  He is also a contributing editor Field & Stream magazine, and the editor of Angling Trade, which covers the fly-fishing industry in North America. His work has also appeared in The New York Times, USA Today, Garden & Gun, The Denver Post, WIRED and elsewhere.


Deeter is known for writing on “out there” topics, from catching mako sharks on the fly from a kayak, to exploring the remote jungles of Guyana and Bolivia, to teaching Alaskan Eskimos how to fly fish.  He’s fished from the tip of Tierra del Fuego in Argentina to above the Arctic Circle in Russia, and earned numerous “Excellence in Craft” awards from the Outdoor Writers Association of America.


He’s the author of the best-selling Little Red Book of Fly Fishing, and the Orvis Guide to Fly Fishing for Carp. He’s also contributed to Field & Stream’s Total Oudoorsman Manual, Field & Stream’s Total Fishing Manual, The Fisherman’s Bible, and his work is included in The World’s Best Fishing Stories.


George began fly fishing at the age of 6 in Potter County, PA, a remote region filled with wilderness and beautiful brook trout. By age 14, George’s family relocated to PA’s limestone region, which contained the state’s best trout fisheries. By the age of 17, George was travelling throughout the state, seeking lessons from expert anglers. By age 21, George had learned from the best anglers in the NE, including his mentor Joe Humphreys. Out of curiosity and with the support of his wife, George began entering local and national fly-fishing competitions.


He earned a spot on Fly Fishing Team USA and remained on the team for 7 seasons. Also during that time, George was on the US Youth Fly Fishing Team’s coaching staff, including two years as head coach. George’s real motivation to compete was to travel the world and learn from world-renowned anglers to develop a global approach.

In that brief period, George had success by winning back-to-back US National Championships and placing in the top 5 in the 2006 World Fly Fishing Championships. Eventually, competitive fly-fishing took its toll, so George retired at age 32 to spend more time travelling with his family and to focus on fly fishing education.

George is a former manager of the TCO State College Fly Shop and now owns and operates Livin’ On The Fly LLC- a guide/educational service company located near State College, PA. George remains involved with the US Youth Fly Fishing Team as well as writing and conducting fly fishing clinics/presentations across the country. He recently became a contributing editor for Fly Fisherman Magazine. His first book, Dynamic Nymphing has become a best seller. Currently, George is working on a second book project titled “Strip-Set” which will be released September 2015. George lives along the banks of his favorite trout stream with his wife, Amidea and their two children.

George will be discussing the following topics:

Contact Nymphing 2.0: Focus of this presentation is fishing without an indicator (aka tight lining or Euro nymphing). There’s a reason why this form of nymphing has recently gotten so much attention-it’s effective and easy to implement. Topics will include gear, patterns, lessons from international competition, rigs, along with where to and where not to use this tactic.

Strip Set: The Tug is the drug for many anglers and this program focuses on streamer tactics and techniques for a variety of water types. Sinking line versus dry line tactics, streamer designs and how to fish them, rigging, casting, and retrieving the fly will be discussed in this presentation.

Trout Tips: This program provides helpful tips for each of the following tactics: Dry Flies, wet flies, nymphs and streamers. Patterns, rigging and most importantly-the breakdown of each tactic is discussed. The purpose of this program is to learning to develop a specialized approach for unique fishing conditions.


Duane Redford, a professional fly fishing guide, spends the majority of his days guiding on the South Platte River near Deckers, Colorado and on the Eagle River near Minturn, Colorado. He began his fly fishing career fishing the Rocky Mountain West, and has been toting a fly rod for better than four decades.


As a retired teacher and coach, Duane has a unique, systematic approach to the river that he has used as the basis of his guiding for the last ten years. This systematic approach, derived from guiding countless days on highly pressured, technical waters, has been refined over time, and is easily understood.

When he’s not guiding, Duane spends his time teaching fly fishing classes, blogging, speaking, and writing. When he’s not teaching, writing or guiding, you’ll find him on the river.

His latest presentation: Hidden in Plain View, Recognizing the Obvious, Exploiting the Obscure, delves into what the top 10% of anglers are seeing differently from the masses.  It includes something for every level of angler from reading the obvious runs of the river to its subtle nuances; bug selection made simple, how to attain a lively drift, and tactics to get better now. Duane will have his latest book, The Fly Fisher’s Playbook 2nd Edition with him at the presentation.  Show cost is $15.


The Fly Fishers’ Playbook, A Systematic Approach to Nymph Fly Fishing, June 2011 (available Amazon, Barnes and Noble, etc)

The Fly Fishers’ Playbook, A Systematic Approach to Nymphing 2nd Edition, December 2014 (available Stackpole Publishing Amazon, Barnes and Noble, etc)

Books can be purchased after the presentation for a special price of $15.



Wanda Taylor has been fishing since she was four. Her grandmothers taught her to fish in the mountains of north Georgia. Wanda became a fly fishing guide, fly casting instructor, Fly Fish TV hostess, featured in fly fishing video’s, online podcast, and a published outdoor writer.


Wanda teaches fly fishing and conducts instructional guiding classes locally in Tennessee and Georgia, as well as, nationally at IFFF Expo’s, TU Festivals, club events and fly fishing shows. Skip Clement, publisher of flyflifemagazine.com writes about Wanda. “For Wanda to be able to go “Back to the Future” and get folks fast-track launched into the art world of fly fishing takes a special talent. Never saw anyone do it better than her. She keeps her patients well sedated with “relax and enjoy.”

She has been featured speaker at fly clubs, expo’s, conclaves, and private fly fishing events across the United States. Her fly fishing topics range from how to fly fish in fresh and or saltwater, destination fly fishing, mentoring others into the sport, and her fly fishing life story.

Her awards and achievements  of “Firsts” are one of the reasons, Kevin Howell, owner of Davidson River Outfitters, gave her the title, “The First Lady of Fly Fishing.” She was the 1st woman certified by the International Federation of Fly Fishers as a Master certified casting instructor. The 1st woman Orvis endorsed guide in the Southeastern United States. She was awarded the Southeastern IFFF 2005 Woman of the year award and in 2008 the IFFF SE Council award of Excellence. This award was given to Wanda for her work with breast cancer survivors of “Casting For Recovery” and The Georgia Women Fly Fishers, “Casting For Confidence” as well as, for her teaching and testing activities for the IFFF Certified Casting Instructors program. Wanda is also an ambassador for the Goodwill Guides and Project Healing Waters nonprofit organizations. Her most recent achievement is being inducted into the Southern Appalachian Fly Fishing Museum Hall of Fame in October 2016. She was the 1st woman inducted and was dubbed by them as “The South’s First Lady of Fly Fishing.”

Wanda has been an Advisory staff member of TFO Rods for many years. She is on the Pro Staff of Chota Outdoor Gear and an Ambassador for Aqua Design and Maven Fly, technical clothing for avid women anglers. Her website is www.wandataylorflyfishing.com and you can contact her at wanda.taylor@windstream.net for more current information of her teaching or lectures near you.



Steve Galletta is the Co-Owner/Outfitter of the Bighorn Angler in Fort Smith, MT and the author of Fly Fishing the Bighorn River released in July 2015. His passion for match the hatch dry fly fishing brought him to the Bighorn River ten years ago, where he has introduced anglers to the intricacies of the one of the world’s best tailwater rivers.


During the off season he enjoys sharing his fly fishing passion with others by doing slideshow presentations for The Fly Fishing Show attendees and trout clubs. He believes that we all have a responsibility to give back to the rivers that provide us with so much enjoyment. In an effort to sustain the blue ribbon trout fishery that is the Bighorn River, he is actively involved with the Bighorn River Alliance. More of his content can be found at bighornangler.com. The topics Steve will cover are:

Tactics for Tailwater Trout – How to rig for nymphs, dry flies and streamers. Tailwater insects and fly selection. How tailwater trout behave.

Fly Fishing the Bighorn River – Steve will cover seasons, techniques, stretches, hatches, and fly patterns for fishing the famous Bighorn River in Fort Smith, Montana.



Jen is the Editor-in-Chief of Dun Magazine and the Executive Editor of Tight Loop Magazine. She is a member of the Board of Directors for the International Federation of Fly Fishers and the Vice President of Northern Illinois at the Great Upper Midwest IFFF. In addition, she is a member of the Board of Directors for the Illinois Council of Trout Unlimited. When not on the water, she spends her time empowering women in fly fishing by teaching fly tying and fly casting clinics, speaking nationwide on issues regarding women in fly fishing and devoting her time to conservation efforts through nonprofits. A sounding board for women is this currently male-dominated sport, Jen has created a home base for women worldwide to connect and engage in the art of fly fishing.


Jen will discuss the following topics:

Fishing the Driftless: Over 3000 miles of improved trout water at your fingertips.  Learn the when, where and how of fishing the area the glaciers missed.

The Gymnasts of the Midwest: Fishing for Midwest Steelhead, the anadromous fish that cartwheels down the river.  Learn their habitats and tips and tricks to land these beautiful and elusive rainbows.