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A Message from GRTU’s President, Rafael Torres

I hope you all are enjoying the cooler weather that we call fall here in Texas. We recently had our October Chapter meeting at the Yeti Flagship store in Austin. I really enjoyed seeing some familiar faces and many new faces as well. Thanks to our new VP of Chapter Affairs, Michael Racis, and the board members that helped set this meeting up.

As a follow up to the TU National Meeting in Redding, Ca. it was a big success despite the terrible fires that ravaged the area and surrounding wilderness. GRTU was again acknowledged with starting and seeding the GRTU Tomorrow Fund, which was started in 2016 to assist the TU Youth group help meet their financial goals without cutting back the programs that the Youth education workgroup does.

The fund has grown the last 18 months with the assistance of the TU Youth Staff and the efforts of Franklin Tate and Tara Granke. Their efforts have increased the seed money that we have pledged and is generating donations from across the country and here in Texas.

I look forward to all of our members working together to help this effort and, as large as our chapter is, we are the leaders and can do this together. How? By simply participating in Troutfest Texas 2019. If you buy tickets to the banquet, bid on-line on trips and items up for auction or if you just attend and volunteer to help make this event as successful as it has been. This event takes hundreds of volunteer hours to pull off and with an organization like GRTU there is plenty of room for everyone to help in anyway they can. So to to the Troutfest Texas page on and sign up to make this event self sustaining for years to come.

Hope to see you on the river soon,

GRTU President – Rafael Torres


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