Catching Bows, Browns, Cutts and Cold in New Mexico


      My New Mexico trout trip with my three sons, son-in-law, and four good friends in early September was without a doubt, the most enjoyable outing I've ever spent with them. We caught rainbows at will, plus a few browns and cutts. My largest was a 14" cutt. Son 3 caught a 20" rainbow, considered a "monster" in the little streams we fished. We didn't keep count, but an educated guess would put our total "caught and released" at close to 350 trout.

      My most memorable catch to date came on Saturday, when I hooked the 14" cutt. Snapped my 7X leader like you wouldn't believe. While I was tying on another fly, I noticed that I had my fly line on backwards, coming out of the back opening of my fly reel instead of the front. So I took the fly off, wound in the line and fed it back through the correct way, re-strung it, and tied on another fly. This took about three or four minutes. Then I thought, "What the hell, let's try that again."

      I flipped the fly back to the same spot and, as Emeril says, "BAM!" What I thought was another big cutt took my fly. I didn't realize it was the same one til I got it in and saw my other fly hanging in the corner of its mouth. This was a first for me.

      I'm now taking .30-06 strength Amoxycillin for bronchitis, and two of my sons got strep throat, all from being in the wet and cold that we Texans aren't used to. My youngest son is now a convert from "chunking and winding,” so even with three of us getting sick, we're all ready to go back—and the sooner, the better!!!

      Before I forget, my sons and I were fishing my “caddihumpus.” I had tied up a big bunch for the boys and asked them to try them out. I knew it was a good fly from my own experience, and when my boys came back and asked for more, I knew I had a winner for sure.

      In case some of you aren't aware of the caddihumpus, you can see a photo and tying instructions on the VFB Photo Site at It's the first one shown in the "archives."


Jimmy Moore