If a trout bites my hook when I donít look,

How come he donít when I do?


Maybe heís an ornery dude and

Canít stand a fisherman whoís rude

And takes me for a fool


A fool I may be, but ornery I ainít

And my friends will tell you so.


Iím a fun-loving guy although Iím quite shy,

But all my friends think Iím too bold.


The longer I fish, the smarter the trout,

But I become more stupid without a doubt.


Iíve read all the books, be that as it may,

Iíll break a hook and not even look

Till itís much too late in the day.


I sit on the bank as my beer goes rank,

And I figure itís time to go.


I cuss my bad luck as I look for my truck

And wonder if Iím getting too old.


I think to myself, ďold trouts must have senseĒ

As I inwardly wince and store my gear and pole.


Iíve caught not a thing, but I can still sing

ĎCause fishing has replenished my soul.



Jimmy D. Moore, © 2001