You Cast Like a Girl?

Maybe Like Joan Wulff?

  Come Fly Fish With TWFF!


Texas Women Fly Fishers is a new non-profit fly fishing club for beginners to advanced offering six meetings/outings per year moving all over the state.

TWFF began September 19, 1999 at a fly fishing outing on the Llano River. Over 22 women attended and from that group came a zealous staff of dedicated officers who have worked hard to create a web site, t-shirts, hats, a great newsletter, and super successful outings.

Our first outing, in January on the Guadalupe River, hosted over 65 women. The second was packed for a reunion on the Llano. Then the third adventure surprised the regulars at the Bud Priddy One Fly on the Nueces River with a radiant bunch of sun-shined fly fishing women on the 4th of August. This most colossal vent was a joint effort, with fly fishing men and women from five clubs helping to produce the biggest TWFF event of the year.

On August 10–12 at Houston County Lake, TWFF offered free casting lessons, guided fly fishing trips, kayak lessons, fly tying, Dutch oven cooking and a special guest speaker. The top instructors and tyers came from all over Texas to help us produce a huge and very successful extravaganza at the Crockett Family Center. We’re hoping to catch a “tail” for the fifth outing September 22, when TWFF will pester Tom Lyons and the Texas Fly Fishers at Port O'Connor for the annual Red Fish Rodeo.

We have tentative plans for Fairfield Lake in November for our sixth outing. We currently have over 66 members but we're growing so fast that this count is already inaccurate! We hope all the women in Texas will come join us for lessons and fun. Bring your spouses, boyfriends, partners, friends, aunts, uncles, grandparents and children, too. Everyone is welcome!



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Constance Whiston, President

Texas Women Fly Fishers


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