Bits, Pieces,

and Loose Ends . . .


If you head over to North Arkansas looking for trout, these are the flies considered most productive in that area, according to a North Texas Fly Fishers' Newsletter:


1. Wooly Bugger †††††† 9. Prince Nymph

2. Wooly Worm ††††††††††† 10. Sow Bug

3. Tellico Nymph†††††††††† 11. Scuds

4. Hare's Ear Nymph ††† 12. Grey Nymph

5. Montana Nymph††††††† 13. Pheasant Tail Nymph

6. Brown Nymph†††††††††† 14. Zug Bug

7. Midge†††††††††††††††††††††† 15. Emerald Minnow

8. Ant†††††††††††††††††††††††††† 16. Muddler Minnow


General suggestions for fish other than trout:


Bluegill, Bream, & others:


1. Chartreuse popper with white rubber legs (like the ones from Wal-mart )

2. Miss Prissy Popper

3. Panfish


5. Beadhead olive woolly bugger


Bass (small-, large-, loud-, foul-, mealy-, close-, loud-, and slack-mouth)


1. Miss Prissy Popper

2. Beadhead olive woolly bugger

3. Dahlberg diver

4. Other deer hair poppers

5. Marabou minnow and Cypert minnow


(Thank goodness the above lists were not copyrighted or I would have fewer items to include here.)


Big Fly-Fishing Event: Annual Conclave of the Southern Council of the FFF


The annual conclave will be held in early October in Mountain Home, Arkansas. The specific date is to be announced, but itís always on a week-end because many poor devils still have to work. Mark your calendar near October for remembering. Itís very worthwhile. If you miss it this year, mark your 2002 calendar.


How The Mail Gets Through


Our mailing list is obtained from the current monthly National TU Roster for our chapter just prior to each Newsletter mailing. If your National TU dues are current, then you are on the roster. If not, you might not receive our Newsletters. Sometimes names are not included as the dates of joining were past the list deadline. The Chapter volunteer work force does the best they can, so rather than complain, jump in, help, and join the fun. If you have some kind of expertise that might be of benefit to the Chapter, just contact any board member to volunteer.

And please advise the Chapter of any change of address, name, E-mail address, telephone numbers, etc. See the masthead for contact info.


Donít forget . . .


Styrofoam and glass of any kind are forbidden on the Guadalupe.

Trespassing is a punishable act and Comal County jails are not pleasant.

As long as you are in the river, you have every right to be there, but keep off land where you do not have access rights.

Be sure that you have a current trout stamp. If not, buy one in Comal County if possible so the Guadalupe will receive more state trout.

There are no HHHHH restaurants in Sattler or the Canyon Lake area. You have to go to a much larger metropolitan area. You should have dined before you came to fish, anyhow. Nevertheless, there is palatable food available.

The rest room facilities for the Red Barn are in back and to the left. Wiser folk often bring their own paperwork.

Canyon Lake is nearly full, the river is wadeable, and the fishing is at its best.

Lodging, camping facilities, and motor home parking are available in the area.


Words of Caution


If it is your custom to wet your tippet or other knots in your mouth, abandon this practice.Warm river and lake waters can harbor dangerous organisms.


Your Literary Contributions . . .


are always welcome. Just mail, E-mail, or tote them to our editor. Share some of your adventures and/or horror stories with others.


Tip . . .


Robert Morger writes: Get yourself about 15 foot of a good heavy yarn and a rod tip and youíve a dead ringer for a Fly-O practice rod.



Bob Tuttle, TU Liaison