Here’s Your Chance to Win Big!

Sage’s DS2 Series 7’6” Four-Weight

Rod & Reel Outfit from TU

Is the October Raffle Prize!



The October raffle prize comes to us from TU national in special recognition of GRTU’s  contributions to national conservation initiatives during the year 2000.

GRTU has been named to the President’s Circle, representing the highest level of achievement for fund-raising and membership growth.  


The Sage DS2 series is easy to cast and forgiving, with a medium fast action. The outfit comes complete with reel, line, backing, and rod bag and tube. All you have to do add water (oh, yes, and a leader and fly).


Raffle Tickets are $6 each, 3 for $15, and 6 for $30. Cheap!

You do not have to be present to win.


Beat the crowds at the meeting by sending in your tickets now.  Make checks payable to Guadalupe River Chapter/TU (GRTU) and mail along with your raffle tickets to

GRTU / Attn: Raffle / P.O. Box 701864  / San Antonio, TX 78270-1864


Do-It-Yourself Raffle Tickets

Mailing regulations do not allow the GRTU Newsletter to print raffle tickets, so you can make your own or print them from the GRTU website ( at the “Events” section).



1.      Write your name, address, and phone number on a slip of paper measuring about 1 by 3 inches. Repeat as needed to ensure success.

2.      Sign a check for the appropriate amount: $6 for one ticket, $15 for three, $30 for six, etc.

3.      Mail tickets and check to the address above early enough so we have them for the meeting and drawing April 28. Your check must accompany your raffle tickets.


Good luck!