Membership Report . . .


      Welcome to another fine year of fishing with GRTU.  The rains of the past two weeks have been a welcome sight, and it appears that fishing this year with be a lot better than the last two. Membership for the past two years has been doing very well. We have had a very high number of members renew, as well as a lot of new members joining up. As usual, we are still the flagship of Trout Unlimited. As most of you know we are the largest TU Chapter in the country, with a little over 4,200 members, and we again have about 620 lease access members.

      I encourage members to become involved with the many different chapter activities. GRTU does a lot at different outdoors shows and we always need people to step up and help out. In addition, if you have any friends that love to wet a line, get a guest pass and take them out to the river. We are always looking for new members, and taking a friend fishing is a great way to get them started in the chapter.

      Finally, when it comes time to renew your national membership, please renew through the chapter with the National TU application provided in this issue of the Newsletter. Send it to your area rep and let us handle it instead of mailing it directly to TU. The reason for this is that GRTU gets a rebate for every renewal made through the chapter. Obviously, this helps out greatly to the chapter and does not cost you or us anything.

      If anyone has a question about their membership please call me or your area rep.

      Fish on!


Scott Cash Thompson, VP Membership