Fly Fishing and Kayak Day Benefits the Guadalupe

Fly Fishing and Kayak Day for the Guadalupe River will be held October 13, 14, and 15, 2000 at the Gruene Crossing of the Guadalupe. The event is jointly sponsored by the Guadalupe River Chapter of Trout Unlimited and Friends for Rivers(a nonprofit group that sponsors cleanups to remove trash from the river), which will benefit from the proceeds of the nonprofit effort.

The event will kick off Friday with an Intense (in tents) Banquet in large, white tents at the winery grounds in Gruene. The banquet will feature beer and wine tasting, Scotch and fancy tequila tasting, cigar tasting for those cigar aficionados, and Texas-sized hors d' oeuvres with live music by one of the bands that entertain at Gruene Hall (the oldest dance hall in Texas).

Saturday events include classes on fly-tying, fly casting, techniques for nymph fishing on the Guadalupe, kayaking, and saltwater techniques. GRTU will have a Lease Access Orientation class for those who haven't taken the course in order to qualify for lease access for the coming season. We will also have a booth to sell GRTU hats and shirts and hand out TU literature. Sunday morning there will be two "fun" events: kayaking and perch fishing on the Guadalupe below the Gruene bridge-and plenty of refreshments

We can always use some help from volunteers for the day. This event has been a lot of fun in past years, and last year resulted in a $1000 gift to GRTU. Volunteers should contact Hyl Karbach at (830) 606-0737, or E-mail at For an application form or reservations to the Banquet, contact Hyl or call Gruene Outfitters at 830-625-4440.

Hylmar Karbach

First Annual GRTU Cross-Country?

We would like to know whether there would be enough interest from GRTU members for a fishing trip away from the Guadalupe next summer. Depending upon the interest, we would like to get a group of members together and take a fishing trip to New Mexico or Colorado. This would be a great opportunity for members to get together and fish somewhere pristine when the fishing on the "Guad" slows down.

Here are some of the general details:

Being gone for 4-7 days and fishing on several rivers in the summer of 2001 in either New Mexico or Colorado. . . or other trout haven.

Using guides, contacting other TU members from that area and having them show us the spots, or just "winging it."

Getting a group of GRTU members to get group rates, etc. to cut down on the cost.

We can fly or drive EVERYTHING is up for suggestions.

Please contact Scott Thompson ( or (830) 931-3900). . . ASAP and let him know whether you're interested.

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