Fisheries Report

At the time of this writing, the Guadalupe River has only about 40 cfs following down its banks. I checked the water temperature at several locations along the river on the hottest day (112F on September 5) in the recorded history of New Braunfels. Amazingly, the water temperature coming out of the dam at the spillway was 58F; however, some seven miles downstream behind my house, the water temperature was a balmy 83F.

Small trout (3-5 inches) were stocked by Texas Parks & Wildlife earlier this summer at the spillway and they are doing fine because of the cool water temperature. I expect that all of the fish we (GRTU) stocked last year at our lease sites have succumbed to the high temperatures of the river.

Although the river flow is low, we plan to stock trout in the river this fall and winter. The time of our first stocking will depend upon the water temperature at each of our lease access sites. I expect that we may be stocking a little later this year than last year because of the low water flow and higher water temperatures.

Please remember to obey all of the GRTU Lease Access rules and regulations. Please drive slowly on lease properties. One of our lease owners last year was very displeased when someone drove very fast past their house as their kids were on their way to the bus stop. Drive slowly and do not create dust. Remember, it is a privilege to access the river through these lease sites. Let's not lose any of our lease sites!

We really need to get some rain in the upper Guadalupe River drainage to fill Canyon Lake back up to conservation pool. Once we get back to that level, I hope that the water released from the lake will return to 100-200 cfs. If it remains at 40 cfs or lower, I expect that most of us will have to resort to stillwater fishing tactics for trout. Cross your fingers and hope for manageable amounts of rain (i.e., no 20+ inches of rain).

Doug Ming, VP-Fisheries

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