Membership Report

Yes, it is that time again. The weather is getting cooler (OK, it's supposed to be getting cooler), days are getting shorter, there is a hint¼a tiny hint¼of that autumn feel in the mornings, and our thoughts turn to fishing the Guadalupe. It's a unique time in south Texas. Just when other fishermen around the country are starting to pack away their rods and reels for the long winter, we are longing for word that GRTU and Texas Parks & Wildlife have started stocking that tailwater just below Canyon Dam.

Yes, my friends, it's that time again! Time to renew your membership to TU/GRTU. For all the new members, GRTU is the largest Trout Unlimited chapter in the world. At last count we had 3,700+ members of GRTU. We also had well over 600 lease access members. We are hoping for a lot of rain between now and our first stocking, so that the fishing will be productive and last until April. The Guadalupe trout fishery is totally dependent upon river flows¼and rain.

Another thing that this trout fishery is dependent upon is you. As I stated last year in my opening letter, we would like for our members to become involved in GRTU events. We play a large role in the Guadalupe Fly Fishing and Kayak Day held at Gruene. Also, the Texas Parks & Wildlife Expo, Landa Park Kid Fish, and the list goes on and on. No matter what your skill or fishing level is, you have something to contribute, and GRTU would be grateful for any contribution you make. (Writing an article about fishing..or your favorite fishing spot looks great in the newsletter!)

Back to fishing: Please remember a couple of things when you're fishing the leases.
1. All GRTU provides is a "Path to the River." Please respect the landowner's property.
2. All of our sites are catch and release only.
3. Please observe all the speed limits when driving on our leases.
4. Please observe the parking limits and restrictions on the back of your lease card.

Also, I have been called several times by potential new members asking if we allow spin casting. Please remember that we are not a fly fishing club; although a vast majority of our members do fly fish, we are a conservation club. We welcome all members¼spin casters and fly fishers.

Finally, our very special thanks go out to Donette Hansen, Marian Tilson, and Tony Corbett for all of their hard work last year as area reps. They did a great job and worked long nights to make sure all of our members were ready to fish on time.

Scott Cash Thompson

VP Membership

A Plea for Supporting Members!

It's hard to believe that it is renewal time again! The first thing that always strikes me when we are going through the membership numbers from the previous year is the low number of supporting members who make their $10 donation to GRTU outside the Lease Access Program.

The Guadalupe River Chapter has over 3,700 members attributed to our organization by national TU. Of those, only about 700 are supporting members, and all but a dozen or so of those 700 belong to the Lease Access Program, which requires the supporting membership donation. What that means is that outside of the Lease Access Program there is a potential for 3,000 supporting members-potentially $30,000 that could be made available to the chapter. It also means that there are 3,300 individuals/families that are receiving this Newsletter who make no contribution to the chapter at all.

You and your $10 donation are important to us and would go a long way to helping defray the costs of printing and mailing this Newsletter and would free up and make available funds for research, scholarships, donations to coldwater habitat efforts around the country, and many other worthwhile causes. PLEASE, we are not asking much: Help support the Guadalupe River Chapter of Trout Unlimited in its many efforts by becoming a SUPPORTING MEMBER! THANK YOU!

Billy Trimble,

Ex-officio GRTU

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