Bits, Pieces and Loose Ends

Sage Advice
"Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day. Teach him how to fish and he will sit in a boat and drink beer all day." -George Carlin.

Lease Warning

It appears that a few lease access permit holders either fell asleep in class, have very short memories, or are complete slobs. Violations of various sorts have been observed on some of our lease sites, and this does not sit well with either the chapter or people that we lease from. Improper behavior and regulation breaking will not be tolerated by the chapter. Take time to re-read the rules. We have lost access in the past because of unacceptable behavior, and the primary reason for the orientation classes is to let everyone know what is required in exchange for the right to access the river. Please report any rule breaking to any GRTU officer or director. If you have broken the rules, it is time to mend your ways. Flogging is not very couth and is out of the question but maybe a list of perpetrators in the Newsletter might be in order.

Bad News

Drought conditions in Central Texas have dropped the level of Canyon Lake to several feet below normal. Guadalupe River flows below the dam have been less than 45 CFS on many occasions and the water temperature is in the 70s. Not good for the trout, tubers, and those that fish. On the other hand, we can probably expect flood conditions sometime in the future-nature's way of averaging things out.

Good News
Bean's Camp is now open for pay access again and under new management. We all remember Mr. Preusser but never did know who Bean was. A fine place to fish.

Area Accomodations

Here is a new place to stay when visiting the Guadalupe in addition to the various others that are in Canyon Lake, such as Rio Raft, Whitewater Sports, L & L Campgrounds, Maricopa Lodge, etc. Check this out on the Internet: It is the John Knox Ranch off Route 32 just west of Sattler in Fischer, Texas. Check for availability or information at (830) 935-4568. Very reasonable, cabins sleep six at $12.00 per person, with kitchen facilities.

New Director

George Spalding has come on board the GRTU Board of Directors to replace Mick McCorkle who moved out of state.

Fish Stories

The editor always needs material for these Newsletters. The paper is formatted in four-page increments, so sometimes there's space left over after the essentials are all plugged in and sometimes he runs out of space. If you have contributed in the past and have not seen your work, be patient, it may appear in another issue. Keep those interesting items and stories coming for all to enjoy.

Keep Those E-mail Addresses Coming

Send new and changed e-mail addresses to Be certain to include your name, as some of those addresses do not have your name in them. Having e-mail helps keep you informed of the latest news and saves the chapter postage on any mailed notices. National TU also uses e-mail for sending out items of interest. You can also contact officers and board members rapidly if you have a suggestion, question, or even a gripe. Note also that the chapter's mailing address has been changed to GRTU, P.O. BOX 701864, SAN ANTONIO TX 78270-1864.

Travel Tip

A tip from Charles Boren for those who may be traveling to Arkansas. Check out this website before you go: Great place to fish and an excellent guide.

Expertise Needed

If you have a particular field of expertise that might be of use to the chapter, let the board know and perhaps you could be included in our all volunteer work force. Exciting days, sleepless nights, and no pay so you do not have to worry about SS deductions or income tax.

Bob Tuttle, TU Liaison


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