Coming Soon: A New Edition of Bud Priddy's Fly-Fishing the Texas Hill Country

Bud Priddy’s last edition of his excellent guide to Hill Country fly fishing went out of print at the end of last year. Since the author's untimely death in 1996 precluded authoritative revisions, there were no plans for subsequent editions.

However, so many people asked for a new edition that, with Pat Priddy's blessing, we decided get one in the works and enlisted the assistance of several experienced Texas fishermen to help bring the book up to date.

Everything about the edition will be new: the format, the illustrations, the text. The information about each river has been carefully updated to reflect the changing environment fly fishers will encounter in Central Texas.

Many public access points have been lost to development, but many private access possibilities have developed. For instance, there is finally some access available on the Devil's River, and it is included in this new edition for the first time. We have included up-to-date information on outfitters and guides who have set up shop on various streams and added considerably to the food and lodging listings.

Things are changing in rural Texas—you can get a latté about as easily as brisket in many towns—and the new guide will help fishermen find both.

Publication is scheduled for around December 1. The price is still $21.95. Individuals wishing to order should contact their local fly shop or send a check for $24.39 (includes tax plus $2.00 shipping) to the address below:

W. Thomas Taylor
Box 249
Barksdale, TX 78828
Phone: (830) 234-3250