From the President . . .

By now I think everyone knows what has transpired since the April meeting. GRTU is facing the largest obstacle we've ever come across to date. If history shows us anything about our chapter, it's that we come through in the end.

For those of you who don't know what's going on, Guadalupe Blanco River Authority (GBRA) has petitioned for more water from Canyon Lake to use as a commodity (for sale). What this means to the tailrace fishery basically is a zero summer minimum flow, which translates into not enough cold water for the trout to survive through the summer at all. I won't elaborate on the course that's been taken as it will be covered elsewhere in this newsletter and at the October meeting.

If GBRA gets their way, the Guadalupe as we know it will probably return to a put-and-take fishery. The time and effort expended by GRTU and the Texas Parks & Wildlife Department to develop a year-round fishery will be impacted dramatically.

What we now need from you, the membership, is money. Whatever you can afford to donate will be appreciated: one dollar or a thousand dollars. We need to save this stream for our children and their children.

Also, if you know of any corporations that may be willing to donate, please let me know. This may be a long road. The more financial backing we can get, the better.

Thank You,

Scott Graham, GRTU President