Membership has its advantages!

Welcome to another year of fine trout fishing on the Guadalupe River. If you’re an old hat at GRTU, then you know the ins and outs of our river. If you’re new, then WELCOME! We hope you enjoy our trout fishery.

GRTU is the southern most trout fishery in the United States. We have approximately 3,100 members statewide and about 650 lease access members.

GRTU is unique in its scope because, yes, we are part of Trout Unlimited, the nation’s leading coldwater fishery conservation group, but we also lease private land along the river. This "lease access" allows our access members to fish areas of the river where, without member and land owners’ support, it would be very difficult. This cooperation between land owners and our members shows the trust that exists between both sides.

Our members are very environmentally focused, and they realize the impact that they have on land and in the river. GRTU and its members are the reason the state of Texas has enacted size and take limits on the Guadalupe. Please take the time to acquaint yourself with these special regulations. Also, GRTU encourages its members to fish with only barbless hooks to reduce the harm placed upon the trout. All of our access sites are "catch and release only" for our members.

I encourage all members to become involved in GRTU. Volunteers are what makes this a successful organization and one of the leaders of TU! Attend our stockings of the river. We stock the river four or five times a year with rainbow and brown trout. You can see first-hand the size, quality, and large numbers of trout we put into YOUR river. This is what your lease access money goes to, so get involved and see the quality fish you get for your dues. Attending the stockings is also a great way to see which leases we have for this year, and you can scout the water characteristics on that particular lease before you fish it.

GRTU is also very active in the community, helping with the Texas Parks & Wildlife Department’s Expo, the Fly Fishing and Kayak Show in Gruene, and Kid Fish in New Braunfels, just to name a few! You might want to write something to contribute to this newsletter. Put some of your talents to work for GRTU in any way possible. We are a volunteer organization and our volunteers are the reason we are such a successful organization. Get involved and get fishing!!

Scott Cash Thompson

VP Membership