Notice of Annual Fall Meeting
Saturday, October 23, 1999


(Just below Canyon Dam on South Access Road, across from St. Thomas Church)



CHAPTER BUSINESS: 10:30–11:00 am

RAFFLE PRIZE: Thomas & Thomas 5 wt., 9-foot, 3-piece Paradigm Fly Rod

PROGRAM: "GRTU’s Greatest Challenge: The Drive for

Sustained Water Flows"

by Fisheries Biologist Steve Magnelia and Attorney Mark Stacell

11:00 am–12 Noon.

LUNCH: Noon. Optional. Fried chicken, potato salad, cole slaw, trimmings, tea, and coffee included. Tickets $7.00. Please bring desserts for everyone to share.

BOARD OF DIRECTORS MEETING: Following general meeting.

October Program: Critical Issues to Protect Trout Fishery

GRTU's drive for sustained water flows to protect the nation’s southernmost trout fishery will be the subject of the October meeting. Much work has been undertaken to counter the latest threat to the health of the Guadalupe fishery, and this is the membership’s chance to learn why and how GRTU is undertaking the most important challenge ever to face the chapter. The quest for flow sufficient to maintain the trout population year round is of fundamental importance to GRTU’s mission and to that of National TU.

The October meeting will feature two important presentations that will address why sustained flows are needed to enhance the Guadalupe trout fishery and the legal steps GRTU is pursuing on this issue. Unless summer flows from Canyon Dam are adequate to maintain water temperature necessary to year-round trout survival and reproduction, the Guadalupe will be reduced to a seasonal put-and-take trout water.

Steve Magnelia is a Fisheries Biologist in the Inland Fisheries Management office of Texas Parks & Wildlife in San Marcos. He has done extensive research on water temperature, water flow, and trout population and condition in the Guadalupe. Steve will review the results of his research that have directed his recommendations for minimum flow levels.

Mark Stacell, of Campbell, George & Strong, LLP, will review GRTU's protest of the Guadalupe Blanco River Authority's amendment requesting that the Texas Natural Resources Conservation Commission allocate flows in a manner that would harm the trout fishery.

Mark has a masters of science in aquatic ecology and was an attorney for TP&W before entering private practice. He has a house in Gruene and fly fishes the Guadalupe regularly, so he is personally committed to the flow issue.

(See David Schroeder’s article "What’s Wrong with the Guadalupe?" for details on this critical issue.)

This endeavor is the most important pursuit by GRTU in the quest for a reproducing, trophy trout fishery. Your attendance and participation in the presentation is very important to the support of what is being attempted by the Chapter. This will be your best opportunity to review the information and cover any questions you have.

After-lunch activities will include a tour of this year’s lease access locations (how to find them) and a round table of anglers discussing rigging, fly selection and techniques used for successful trout fishing on the Guad.

Volunteers are needed for the round table— if you have caught one trout in the Guad then you qualify! Fly swapping and secret revealing are encouraged! Contact Stacy Lynn Trimble at to participate.

"General Store" for TU Logo Gear

In addition to the GRTU logo items offered at the October meeting (see back page for details), National TU logo items will be sold through the "GRTU General Store" at the meeting. Items include Catch and Release logo t-shirts, coffee mugs, bumper/window stickers, lapel pins, and license plate holders. All proceeds go to GRTU. All items can be viewed in almost any "Trout" magazine.