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Painting Depicting Fly Fishing on the Guadalupe Is Completed!

This newsletter came to you in a special package for a reason. Certainly you noticed the full-color brochure enclosed in the large envelope bearing your name. Did you smile? Did you say to yourself, "I know that spot"? Did you think how great the print would look on your wall?

I sure hope so, because for every print purchased by a GRTU member the chapter receives 25 percent of the price. You have been hearing about this project for a year—and it has been worth the wait, don't you think?

Please don't waste any time before reading the enclosed information on "River Dance." In fact, put down this newsletter, go get a pen, and fill out the order form now. And while you're at it, order one for your boss. . . and your dad . . . and your Aunt Edna. (Who cares if she doesn't fish? It will look lovely over her new sofa!)

The proceeds from print sales that go to the chapter will be placed in a special fund. They will be used, as needed, for special projects such as local scholarships and research and donations to the national Trout Unlimited conservation efforts across the country.

An additional benefit to the chapter would be the purchase of the original painting by a GRTU member. To have this amazing artwork remain "in the family" and available to the chapter for special events would promote not only its beauty but its special significance. Contact the print publisher, Somerset House, for information on the purchase of the original "River Dance."

It's Show Time!

By the time this newsletter reaches you, GRTU will have been busy attending several events in the area. GRTU is sought out many times each year to provide assistance to special projects relating to the Guadalupe River. We have helped kids learn to fish and tie flies, promoted the river and the chapter at shows and expos, and conducted research essential to the success of this fishery.

All members who have volunteered time and materials to GRTU's presence in the fishing community deserve special thanks. We could not have accomplished this much without your help. Here are the events GRTU members have contributed their time and efforts to recently. (Volunteers who helped with these events will be recognized in the January newsletter.)

Eighth Annual Guadalupe River Clean-Up: Hundreds of volunteers turned out to pick up cans, shoes, tires, and other trash from the Guadalupe, from Canyon Dam to New Braunfels on Sept. 19. This event pulls together the community, river enthusiasts, outfitters, divers, scout groups, school kids, and many others. GRTU played an essential organizational support role this year—a role that, hopefully, will be repeated for years to come.

Guadalupe River Fly Fishing and Kayak Event: Gruene Outfitters and Austin Angler organized a show featuring classes in fresh and saltwater fly fishing, beginner and advanced fly tying, and kayaking skills. This one-day event, at the Rockin R in Gruene on Sept. 26, benefited the Friends for Rivers organization. GRTU conducted Lease Access Orientation programs, signed up new members, and sold hats and T-shirts.

Texas Parks & Wildlife Expo: One of the largest outdoor sporting shows anywhere, the Expo, held Oct. 3 and 4, is always a favorite. GRTU volunteers helped hundreds of youngsters learn to tie a fly. Many people cast a fly rod for the first time with the assistance of members of area fly fishing clubs and GRTU. Our new, full size banner added to the display and drew attention to our participation in this event.

Learning Opportunities

The Board has asked me to collect and present ideas on ways to provide our membership opportunities to develop or advance fishing skills. I welcome any suggestions from members on what you would like to experience or learn. The Chapter has members of every skill level, and our goal is to increase your enjoyment of the trout fishing on the Guadalupe. We feel if you are enjoying the fishing and you are successful on the river, you will continue your affiliation with the chapter—and introduce new members to it!

I am arranging to have practical, hands-on clinics after lunch on general meeting days (such as the saltwater fishing clinic at the October meeting). Either the program presenter for a meeting will conduct the instruction or, members of local fly fishing clubs may be invited to fish with GRTU members and offer assistance as needed (mentorship).

In April, we can arrange to have noted author, entomologist and angler, Rick Hafele, conduct an instream clinic for a fee of about $10 to $20 per person. If you are you interested in these ideas, please let me know at (830) 629-3084 or

Newsletter Advertisement

It is a great benefit to the chapter whenever businesses advertise in our newsletter. Not only does it provide information on services and merchandise you can use, but it aids in offsetting the costs of printing and mailing. With enough advertisers, this newsletter could be self-supporting, freeing up several thousand dollars of chapter monies for other uses (more fish!).

Please take a moment to do two things. First, notice the ads in this newsletter. Give these businesses your patronage—and tell them where you saw their ad. Second, make a copy of the advertisement rates and offer the information to your local tackle shop, outdoor store, guide service, river outfitter, etc. Let them know the benefits of advertising in the GRTU newsletter - 2,800+ potential customers who have identified themselves as supporters and enthusiasts of the Guadalupe, fishing, outdoor enjoyment, and the environment. Tell them how much we appreciate their support and how their ad fees help defray our costs. Tell them you'll buy that new rod and book that trip, and so will your fellow GRTU members.

This Chapter benefits tremendously from the support and participation of its members. I hope the time and money that you have spent on behalf of the Chapter—volunteering at shows, answering questions about our stocking program, purchasing guest passes for your out of state friends—have been enjoyable and rewarding.

I look forward to the 1998–99 season on the Guadalupe. And I hope to see all of you on the water, enjoying the day and the fish!

Stacy Lynn
Vice President, Chapter Affairs

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