Water Ups and Downs: Even though the year is not over, we have had a strange one thus far.

First, the floods made wading impossible, then the drought kept the river flow down so low that tubers grumbled so loudly causing trout to dive deep to avoid the noise. Along came the fire ant swarming and many fish were killed. Then Hurricane Charlie came nearby and filled Canyon Lake to the brim. The water flow increased and lowered the water temperature. Tubers and fly casters were happy at last.

Fishing was surprisingly good, from all reports. The catch and release program in certain sections of the Guadalupe will ensure the production of trophy fish.

The Trash Tide: Comal County government officials and residents are very unhappy about the trash that is in the river and along its banks. A mountain of cans—some 53,000 pounds of aluminum—was dredged from the river last year. Pictures of the situation have appeared in the newspapers of several Texas cities. Many extra deputies were on hand over the Labor Day weekend as well as some hired spotters to help watch the river activity. Their vigilance resulted in 92 arrests and 182 tickets. Strict enforcement will be in effect, with fines up to $1,000. The basic rule is simple: If you carry it in, carry it out. The higher calling is to pick up other trash whenever you can. If you observe acts of littering or unlawful acts, report them if you can.

Notes to Lease Access Permit Holders: Be sure to watch your speeds in all lease access areas. There have been some complaints. Treat our paths to the river with care. Re-read the rules from time to time so we do not create any problems with our lessors.

Lease Access Permits should be sent out faster this year. It was too big a job for one person to handle all of the details. They now will come from area representatives. Their locations can be found elsewhere in the newsletter.

Keep your national TU membership current, otherwise your permit is subject to cancellation.

Support Your Chapter: Become a supporting GRTU member with a voluntary donation of only $10. GRTU is manned by volunteers and there are certain expenses that are incurred: meeting place, interesting speakers, and programs for the meetings, newsletter, other mailings, postage, etc. So, all donations are greatly appreciated. If you can't be a Century Club member you can be a supporting member for just ten bucks.

Ode to Some Unknown Donors: The Chapter wishes to thank all of those who brought desserts to previous meetings. Names of the majority of the donors were not known. If known, they would be mentioned here by name. Marian Tilson, throughout the years, has always brought something delicious. If you bring something this time, you might include a card with your offering..

Call for Talent: If any member has an area of expertise that might be of use to the chapter or interest to the membership, let an officer or director know if you would like to be a volunteer worker. There is always much to be done to keep this chapter moving forward. Stacy Lynn’s Chapter Affairs column has more on this subject.

How Far to the Nearest Big Trout: Believe that the best fishing is a long way from home? It has been reported that there is some very fine fishing up around Broken Bow in Oklahoma, which is a reasonable drive from Central Texas. The White River Area in Arkansas is another excellent spot. It’s a hard day’s drive from Central Texas, but within relatively easy reach for Dallas/Ft. Worth fishers. If you’re in Houston, well . . .

Get on the Information Highway: The Chapter is still trying to build our list of E-mail addresses. If you gave it to TU national, we will get it. Otherwise send it or any change to Chapter E-mail notices and news are sent out from time to time quickly and at no cost.

New Source of Goodies: There is now another place to shop in Austin for fly fishing equipment and apparel. Orvis has recently set up operations on the north side near 183 and Capitol of Texas Highway (360) in a shopping center between CompUSA and Circuit City. (As far as we know, L.L. Bean and Cabela's are not planning any moves to Texas.) Orvis is familiar to many Dallas and Houston members and is an excellent addition to our already fine collection of fly shops, now located in North, Central, and South Austin. Check out our advertisers.

Bob Tuttle

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