Notice of Annual Winter Meeting

Saturday, October 24, 1998


(Just below Canyon Dam on South Access Road, across from St. Thomas Church)



CHAPTER BUSINESS: 10:30–11:00 am


G. Loomis GLX 9', 8 wt., 4-piece travel rod, with rod sock and
Cordura-covered tube. (See Raffle Sheet)



"Fishing the Lower Texas Coast" by Capt. Eric Glass.

11:00 am–12 Noon, with a saltwater clinic after lunch.


LUNCH: Noon. Optional. Please bring a dessert to share. Only $7.00.


The Future of Fishing Forecast at April Meeting

"Fishing for the Future" was the title of April’s program by Dr. Larry D. McKinney, Senior Director of Aquatic Resources, Texas Parks & Wildlife Department. Dr. McKinney addressed fish and wildlife conservation and ecological questions facing Texas' natural water systems in the future. He stressed that, because the very basis of maintaining the ecological and economic health of Texas is water, a primary goal for TP&WD is to protect the health and productivity of our rivers, reservoirs, and estuaries.

The April meeting was a lucky day for a long-time GRTU member who has served the chapter as President and VP and is a current Board member. Eric Bataille invested $6 in the raffle and good fortune rewarded him with the beautiful Orvis PM-10 8'6" 5 wt. rod!

But don't fret because your name wasn’t called for this fine fishing rod. Eric donated the rod back to the chapter! So, you'll have another chance at it at the January meeting.

And because he is an EXTRA generous guy, Eric donated an L.L. Bean Double L 9' 6 wt. rod to the chapter, too! These are brand spankin' new rods! Eric's rod closet is getting full because he seems to have the magic touch these days—he also won the L.L. Bean rod at an FFF club fund raiser! Two raffles, two rods! Maybe Eric should be picking our numbers for the Lotto!

All kidding aside, because of Eric's contribution of these two great rods, the chapter will not have to spend any funds acquiring raffle items this year! Thank you, Eric, and all the members who have contributed money and raffle and door prizes to the chapter. Your support is appreciated!

Door prize winners at the April meeting fared quite well, too. Mike Gettman won a rod/reel tube donated by Austin Outfitters. Jack McKinney took home an L.L. Bean waterproof wading jacket donated by Second Seasons, and Mike Scott netted a Fly Fishing Goodies Mug donated by Brazos FlyFishers. They were winners because they were there! You could win next time . . . all you have to do is be present! We’ll have more great door prizes at the October meeting!

A "Special Thank You" goes to Dr. Johnson for saving our tails at the meeting by going home to get his screen. We’d forgotten to get a screen to so Dr. McKinney could show the slides he brought for his presentation. Thanks, Dr. Johnson!

Raffle Notes: Members are coping well with the Postal Service ruling that we cannot include raffle tickets in the Newsletter, sending in their own hand-crafted tickets by mail or buying them at the meeting. Now there’s another way: you can print your own raffle tickets from our Web site, at It’s under the Events section.

Members who wish to pre-purchase tickets should send their raffle tickets and checks to Bob Tuttle, 207 Finn St., Austin, TX 78734-4414. Mail early so we have them before the meeting.

Stacy Lynn, VP Chapter Affairs

Saltwater’s the October Theme, Featuring Capt. Eric Glass on the Madre of all Lagunas

The October 24 meeting will have a saltwater fishing theme—everything from the door prizes to the 8 wt. rod raffle to slides and a casting program. Be ready to give in to the urge to head to the coast after this meeting! The big reds started moving in a month ago.

Capt. Eric Glass of South Padre Island will present a slide program on "Fishing the Lower Texas Coast." Eric has been a flyfisher for 20-plus years and is well known for guiding his clients to successful fishing for a multitude of saltwater species, including redfish, speckled trout, tarpon and snook—all in one day!

Eric’s degree in aquatic biology has given him the scientific knowledge and 13 years of fishing the lower Laguna Madre have given him the practical experience that makes him one of the most sought-after guides in Texas.

Eric will be conducting an informal clinic on saltwater casting and fishing techniques in the parking lot after lunch. Don't miss the opportunity to learn how to double haul or improve your techniques of working the fly. Saltwater fishing conditions mean dealing with the wind and the sun and sight casting to moving fish. Find out Eric's suggestions for putting it all together and landing a big one! Or two or three.

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