Catch and Release Policy Membership Poll

In 1994/95 GRTU established a catch and release rule for its members requiring that Guadalupe trout caught by members be returned to the water. The new state regulation for the trophy section of the Guadalupe (lower Rt. 306 bridge to first crossing) in the 1997/98 season requires that all but one fish over 18 inches in length be returned to the river.

There has been a suggestion that the GRTU rule be amended to coincide with the state regulation, thus allowing GRTU members to keep one fish over 18 inches per day. Historically we have surveyed the membership on this issue by asking for a vote in the general meetings, and the vote has been overwhelmingly in favor of catch and release.

This does not give members who are not in attendance an opportunity to voice an opinion on the catch and release issue. If you are unable to attend the October general meeting, please mail your vote on this issue to

Alan Bray
113 S. Cuernavaca
Austin, TX 78733

Your vote will be added to the vote during the general meeting and the results presented to the GRTU Board for guidance in determining if further action is required.


GRTU Gains a Voice on Two TP&W Policy Boards

Rivers Conservation Advisory Board. The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (TP&W) formed the Texas Rivers Conservation Advisory Board this year to provide citizen input to TP&W on river conservation issues. Alan Bray (19951997 GRTU past president and current Board member) was nominated by TP&W to serve on the board, which is made up of representatives from river user groups and includes canoeists, kayakers, river landowners, outfitters, fishing groups, and river conservation organizations. The board recently met in Junction at the Texas Tech center to draw up basic mission and operating policy guidelines.

Issues the board will be advising TP&W on include river access, water quality, safety, and similar concerns for our Texas waterways. At the Junction meeting one priority item identified was to determine a means by which TP&W can take advantage of a 3:1 federal matching funds program to improve and increase fishing access on our state waters. Waterway hazards to canoeists and kayakers, regulations regarding bush hooks (throw lines), and jet ski regulations under consideration by TP&W will be issues for future board comment. If you have any inputs you would like voiced at the board meetings, please contact Alan Bray at 113 S. Cuernavaca, Austin, TX 78733.

Texas Freshwater Fishing Advisory Board. The TP&W Freshwater Fishing Advisory Board, which has been operating for quite some time, is the citizen review panel for fishing regulations, stocking policies, fisheries conservation, and similar issues. Alan Bray was appointed to a two-year term this spring to fill a vacancy on the board. If you wish to comment on Texas freshwater fishing policies drop a line to Alan at the address above.

The spring meeting at the Athens freshwater fishing center concentrated on review of warmwater species fishing regulations. Future meetings will be summarized in the GRTU Newsletter.