From the President

Looking back, 2001 was an eventful and gratifying year for GRTU. We reached a significant conservation agreement with GBRA that could pave the way for needed flows and potentially a sustaining trout fishery. We owe a great deal of thanks for all the efforts of dedicated GRTU Flow Commitee members David Schroeder, Scott Graham, and Billy Trimble. Thanks to all GRTU members for your Defense Fund donations and for showing up at all the TNRCC meetings. Everyone knows that there will be future obstacles facing the Guadalupe—and that we will overcome them.

      Thanks, too, for all the efforts of the GRTU Board. The Board is another link to you and National Trout Unlimited. Their work insures that the memberships and lease passes get out. They make sure the newsletters, websites, and meetings are enjoyable and informative. They coordinate the moneys, fundraising, charitable events and activities. Finally, along with a lot of stocking volunteers, they get the fish in the Guadalupe.  

      Fall and Winter 2001 heavy rains dampened our “trout buzz,” but maybe the “rest” the Guadalupe received was a good thing. At a recent stocking, Doug Ming assured me that the river definitely has a large population of carry-over trout. Doug knows what he’s talking about. He is a former VP of Fisheries and lives part time on the river.

      What’s happening now? By the time you read this, hopefully the third or fourth Guadalupe stocking has been completed. With Mother Nature’s cooperation we should all be fishing. Hope to see all you at the January meeting and on the River.


George Spalding, President GRTU






Something New! GRTU’s First Swap Meet/Auction in April

The April 2002 meeting will be a fun event.  Instead of the meeting, GRTU will  hold the First Annual GRTU Swap Meet/Auction.  Members and area tackle and fly dealers can clean out their garages or overstock and sell all that fishin stuff you don’t use or need anymore. There will also be auctioned equipment and a raffle for the Perception Kayak. Admission will be a donation for a “selling table”. Proceeds will go to Trout Unlimited Cold Water Fisheries.There will be barbecue, beer and refreshments. Bring your friends that want some bargains. If you have ideas or want to help you can contact Jimmy Moore or George Spalding.  (More details to follow!)



 George Spalding, GRTU President