Bits, Pieces, and Loose Ends...

Once upon a time, not so very long ago, many of our members carried plastic bags in order to carry out their trash and often to pickup detritus left by thoughtless people who should have known better. It is still a good idea to start this practice again. The rule has always been: “If you carry it in, carry it out.” All fishing spots should be kept natural for everyone to enjoy. Remember, Trout Unlimited is a conservation organization and not a fishing club.

Record Trout?

In October last year, an 8.24 pound rainbow trout was caught somewhere below Canyon Dam in the Guadalupe where we fish. Apparently that fish was tired of striking nymphs and dry flies and was caught on a lowly earthworm (night crawler). Have not heard yet if this is going to be a record catch.

      Some of the latest TP&W’s shocking expeditions have produced some very large fish. No brown trout, but some fingerlings, which indicates that there are finally native fish in the river.

Magazine Item

The December issue of Texas Monthly has an interesting article about the Guadalupe River. Catch it if you can.

More about our mailings

No matter how hard we try, some members do not receive their Newsletter in a timely manner. Some do not receive it at all. It is mailed via non-profit bulk mail. That means the mailer has ZIP+4'd the addresses, sorted them, placed them in special trays, and taken them to the bulk mail acceptance station. Note that most of the work has been done in this preparation. Then it is up to the Postal Service to deliver them. Sometimes in the handling, the cover with the address gets torn and that issue cannot be delivered. Other times a particular stack of Newsletters languishes in certain post offices and gets delayed. There is nothing that the Chapter can do at this point to solve these problems. A complaint to your local post office might help. If nothing else, it might make you feel better.

Stocking Notices

Because of some earlier than usual trout stockings, some lease permit holders were not notified either by e-mail or post card. Last season’s list was used for the first notification because there was not enough time to update and include the new permit holders. Our hard-working volunteers are doing their very best to get this information compiled.

The Next Best . . .

. . . places to fish, besides for trout on the Guadalupe River below Canyon Dam are:

·         Blanco River in Blanco

·         Llano River at Junction

·         Pedernales River at LBJ State Park

·         South San Gabriel River at Georgetown

This is according to Fly-Fishing the Texas Hill Country by the late B.L. “Bud” Priddy, one of GRTU’s Honorary Life Members. The book has been updated by others and re-published and is probably one of the best books for our area. Listed below are some additional recommendation for the Guad.

 Dry Flies

1. Adams #14 to #22.

2. Light Cahill #14

3. Blue Winged Olive #18 to #20

4. Griffith's Gnat #16 to #20

5. Rusty Spinner #18

6. Trico Spinner #22 to #24

7. Black Ant #16 to #18

8. Brown Ant #18

9. Olive Spinner #18 to #20

10. Elk Hair Caddis #14

11. Mahogany Dun #18


 Wet Flies

1. San Juan Worm #8

2. Quill Gordon #14 to #16

3. Black Gnat #12 to #14

4. Partridge and Green #14

5. Partridge and Orange #14


1. Half‑back #8 to #16

2. Woolly‑worm in chartreuse #6

3. Gold Ribbed Hare's Ear #14 to #18

4. Pheasant Tail #14 to #16

5. Zug Bug #12. to #14

6. Girdle Bug #4 to #8

7. Picket Pin #12 to #14

8. Quill Gordon #16

9. Prince #12 to #14


Streamers or Deep‑Running Flies

1. Woolly‑bugger in olive, black, olive #6

2. Clouser's Minnow #10

3. Clouser's Crayfish in olive

4. Joe's Mud Bug olive or red


David Copperfield once said....

“Please can I have some more?” That goes for your e-mail address that we do not have. The last announcement sent out to GRTU members had a number of messages bounce back. Either the address had some errors or an address had been changed to one that the chapter was not aware of.

Please send your current e-mail address to and another problem will be solved. You will be kept up to date with the latest chapter news and events. In addition, if only a few more new or corrections are sent, I may be entitled to win an all-expense-paid trip to my choice of one of the following: Oak Hill, Lomax, Buckingham or Windcrest. (Food, lodging, and gas not included. Not particularly good fishing spots, either.)

New Feature

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Bob Tuttle, TU Liaison/Mailings