Bits, Pieces and

Loose Ends . . .

Weather or Not

First the drought and then the rain, and plenty of it. Many Central Texas lakes are beyond full and the rest have plenty of water. It is the old Karankawa adage, "If you donít like the current weather, just wait a little bit." The Guadalupe has been very dangerous for wading in the past several months. Be sure to check the flows out of the dam before even considering entering the river. Less than 400 cfs for the young and agile; 200 cfs or less for the rest of us. In any case, take care.

The massive flows have brought more stripers into the lower Guadalupe. If you catch one, do not throw it back, as they like to dine on trout. Instead, put it in a 350-degree oven with a bunch of parsley in the cavity, some olive oil drizzled on top, and a couple of sliced roma tomatoes spread around the pan. Take it out in 20 minutes and sit down to some fine dining.

Another Project?

Several years ago, the chapter was involved in a program for incubating trout eggs in home-made vibert boxes that were fashioned from old abandoned refrigerators. These were modified so Guadalupe River water flowed over the eggs. We did have some success with the fry emerging but a 100-year type flood washed most boxes down stream. Now there are vibert boxes measuring in inches and holding 1,000 eggs that are available. This possibly will be a chapter project in the near future.

An Old Friend

I ran into Joe Robinson the noted fisherman, fly-caster, guide, and instructor the other day. I was not aware that he is now the manager of the fishing department at Orvis/Austin. He was with The Austin Angler for many years but now he has to drive farther to and from work. Speaking of Orvis, that company recently bought Ex Officio, a manufacturer of clothing. (This newsworthy item was filched from The Fort Worth Fly Fishers newsletter.)

Lease Access, Etc.

Renewals for the Lease Permits were mailed out only to last seasonís permit holders. If you had a permit last year or within the last three years and did not receive one, just request a renewal form. Otherwise, the reason that you did not get one is one of those mysteries that may never be solved. However, any time beyond three years since your last permit does require attendance at an orientation class. Not a bad idea to re-attend anyway for the latest updates. Besides being interesting, it is free to anyone. Keep the chapter advised of any address changes.

Information regarding the GRTU trout stockings is privileged information for Lease Access Permit holders only. But once the trout are in the river, they are available for all. Remember the catch and release rules for certain sections of the Guadalupe where we fish, are strictly enforced.

A Mystery Solved

This historical tidbit came via e-mail from long-time GRTU member Bill Pabst: "I noticed in the Newsletter that you were curious about the origin of Camp Beans. I knew Dick Preusser pretty well when I was president of GRTU, and I asked him about the name. He said he and several friends bought the place shortly after WWII on the G.I. Bill to use as a hunting camp. Since they ate a lot of beans when they were there, it became Camp Beans. So you see, there never was a "Bean," only "beans."


Now is a good time to become a GRTU SUPPORTING member. Itís only $10 over your National TU dues, and itís put to work on your "home waters."

Bob Tuttle, TU Liaison & Mailings