The Guadalupe River Chapter of

Trout Unlimited

Honorary Life Members

The following distinguished members of GRTU have been designated, some posthumously, as Honorary Life Members of the Chapter for their exceptional contributions to our work. This honor is reserved for commendatory recognition of individuals whose personal service contributions to the Chapter are deemed to have had outstanding impact in advancing Chapter and TU objectives.

Clem Bird

Bill Cobb

Howard Itten

William A. (Bill)


James W. Keeton Chad Oliver

William C. (Bill)


J. Bill Parvin

Basden L. (Bud)

Priddy, MD

Glenn Richardson

Mrs. Hazel Schubauer

Lt. Col. Paul A.

Schubauer (Ret.)

Marian Tilson

R.E. (Bob) Tuttle

Jim Vynalek

William G. (Bill) West

T.B. (Tom)





The Guadalupe River Chapter of

Trout Unlimited

Honors Our

Century Club Members

The following have contributed $100 or more for GRTU programs, including the Guadalupe River Legal Defense Fund, in addition to their supporting membership donations and lease access fees for the 2000-2001 season as of press time for this issue of the Newsletter.

John M. Baird

Chuck A. Banks

Richard W. Beck

Neil J. Bowie

Alan V. Bray

Norman &

Lauren A. Carpenter

Jim Cartier

Jeremy S. Cook

Stephen H. Couch

John M. Curney

Allen D. David

Rick A. Dickerson

C. Brien Dillon

Gregory P. Ellis


Frank Estes

Michael T. Fitzpatrick

Karen A. Gebhardt

William J. Hills

Jack H. Hooper

Stepen J. Hudak Jr.

D. Michael Hunter

Ralph Jenkins

Hylmar E. Karbach

Terry Kenyon

Ben Jack Kinney

Robert R. Lende

Raymond C. Lindeen

Lewis Little

Shelley B. Marmon

James McIver

Doug Ming

Palmer Moe

Michael P. Murphy

Dennis M. Naidus

Harold Pate

Kevin Jay Pittman

Ron L. Poppe

Charles E. Winger

Jeffrey Wooley

Sam A. Young

Michael Rotman

Kiyoshi Sato

Pete Schenkkan

Jeff Schmitt

David W. Schroeder

Jim L. Shawn

Randall P. Singleton

Kermit V. Speeg

Stephen Stilp

Steve R. Swanson

Stanley E. Thomas

Marian Tilson

Thomas E. Vice

Jim Vynalek

William G. West

Tyrone White

Lance J. Whyle

Charles E. Winger

Jeffrey Wooley

Sam A. Young