Cruise for Trout In Luxury on

Your Hobie Outback Float Cat!!

It Can Be Yours for the Price of a Raffle Ticket


The January Raffle Prize is a Hobie Outback Float Cat 75 that will take you and your lunch where the fish are. Its twin pontoons support 350 lbs. of fly fisher, gear, champagne, pimento cheese sandwiches, Slim Jims, cigars, sun screen, bug repellent . . . everything you need to catch fish in cruise-ship luxury—or have a blast even if you don’t catch anything.


The Float Cat features high-impact, low-maintenance polyethylene pontoons and a corrosion-resistant aluminum alloy frame, all backed by a three-year warranty. The padded mesh seat with adjustable back is elevated to aid visibility and keep most of you out of the water. The Float Cat retails for $445, and Hobie offers a tempting array of accessories, including a rowing system, fish finder, and, for the shamelessly decadent, a motor mount.


Put your hand-crafted tickets (see below) and your check in the mail today! Don't delay!

Raffle Tickets are $6 each, 3 for $15, and 6 for $30. Cheap!

You do not have to be present to win, but you'll miss out on an interesting meeting—and the chance to win the door prizes.


To avoid crowds and delays at the meeting, please send in your tickets now.

Make checks payable to Guadalupe River Chapter/TU (GRTU) and

mail along with raffle tickets to

Stacy Lynn, VP Chapter Affairs, 115 E. Zink St., New Braunfels, TX 78130


"Tying" The Raffle Ticket

The GRTU Newsletter can no longer print raffle tickets under the non-profit organization mailing permit, so you’ll have to "tie" your own.

It’s worth the effort: easier than even a San Juan worm, and it catches much bigger "fish."


The recipe:

1. Write your name, address, and phone number on a slip of paper measuring about 1 by 3 inches. (Use of cardboard, attachment of small hooks, or the application of dubbing wax to increase chances of selection is strictly prohibited.)

2. Repeat many times to increase your chances of winning.

3. Count the tickets you’ve made and write a check for the appropriate amount: $6 for one, $15 for three, $30 for six, etc.

4. Mail your hand-crafted tickets and your hand-crafted check to Chapter Affairs VP Stacy Lynn early enough so she’ll have them for the meeting and drawing January 24. Your raffle tickets must accompany your check.

5. Start a list of accessories you’ll want to add.


Good luck!