Fisheries Report . . .

By now there are a lot of happy trout swimming in the river. On our first stocking, we dumped a double load (two truckfuls) due to the late start of our "season." The first batch contained rainbows "programed to spawn in January" ( I think they implant computer chips!), browns, and a few golden rainbows. We are set up to dump more browns as well as rainbows this season, also.

Up until the flood (everybody heard about the flood, didn't they?), I was receiving very good reports of people catching very healthy trout and heard of a fly rod state record rainbow being caught a week before the flood (above the trophy zone, at that ).

After the flood, the few people that chose to fish were catching and seeing a few, also. Outfitters who were rafting down to reclaim some































of their losses also reported seeing pods of rainbows up to about four pounds. These fish are very resilient!!!

After this writing and prior to stocking, TP&W will have done some electroshocking. I will update on the web site.

I would like to thank, again, the few volunteers that were able to come help clean up post flood.

Please remember not to violate lease and parking rules and please report people that do. We can't afford to lose lease access, there's only so much river.

Report poachers to Operation Game Thief, the response is usually very fast.

As always, I appreciate any input to improve this fishery for everyone.

Scott Graham, VP Fisheries