Bits, Pieces, and

Loose Ends . . .

Neither Rain, Nor Snow . . .

But Just About Everything Else

The October mailing of the fall meeting notice and newsletter was fraught with problems. There were five extra inserts with the Newsletter, which slowed down preparation.

We lost over a week as there was a Federal Holiday (Columbus Day) in the equation. On top of all that, the phrase "Address Correction Requested" means that all pieces that would have been forwarded under older postal rules were, instead, returned to the sender. This caused another delay and additional costs as there were many members who had moved. Most were re-stamped and sent on, but others could not have been delivered in time before the meeting so were not sent.

This was a big learning experience. Bulk mailings are low priority with the Postal Service, which is inundated with junk mail for the holiday season from September through November. There have been some reports of notices that were mailed but not received. This is a mystery, as the label database was checked and all the names were there. The only explanation for that is the fact that sometimes mail is damaged and the recipientís name is lost so the damaged piece is destroyed. Otherwise it may be one of lifeís great mysteries.

Our apologies to all.

Just Desserts Department

Most (but not all) of the generous donors of the desserts at the meeting have been identified. The ones found were Warren Johnson, Pam and Alan Copeland, Alan Felder, Irving OíNeal, and Marian Tilson. Those tasty morsels finished off another good meal. A card or note included with your offering would help in acknowledging and thanking the giver.

Unsung Heroes Department

Kudos to Kent Fuka for his great web site, Richard Stanley for his crafting of the Chapter newsletter, and of course all of those volunteers who made the Honor Roll on the GRTU website. (They are listed elsewhere in this issue for the benefit of those who cannot access the Internet.) And let us not forget the officers and board members who work many hours, days, and weeks to keep our Chapter successful. Lots of dedicated hard-working volunteers.

Speaking of volunteers, the Chapter has many places for persons with certain expertise to help with chapter affairs and projects. Let a board member know of your capabilities and desires. It has been said many times before, "The more that does, the less there is to do."

More Fish for All

There were two trout stockings planned for December. Even though these fish were for the lease access program, once they reach the Guadalupe they are for anyone who can catch and release them (according to the special Guadalupe River rules).

Hopefully the breeding stock that was in one of the tank trucks will survive, and their eggs will hatch and start another future trout nursery. Some years ago, the Chapter had an egg program that was destroyed by another big flood in 1991.

When the release slows down enough for wading, be careful of the debris that covers the river bottom. The entire bottom has changed due to the scouring of the river by the waters that destroyed property that had never seen water this high before. River Road is not the same.

Bob Tuttle, TU Liaison & Mailings