News from Cyberspace

GRTU's site on the World-Wide Web has been receiving more than 300 visitors per week recently. If you haven't visited the GRTU Web Site lately, plan to stop by on a regular basis. Just point your Web browser at

We have added several new sections recently, including a Fishing Reports section, where members (and non-members) can leave reports on fishing conditions, and a list of Texas tackle shops and fly fishing guides. Other sections include:

You can also see photos of clothing items with the GRTU logo which are available for sale from Erik Bataille. (See the Newsletter back cover for ordering information.)

If you know of any fly fishing guides who are not listed in our Fishing Guides section, or if you wish to provide a review of your experiences with a Texas guide or fly shop, or if you want to give a recommendation for a service provider in Texas, please send E-mail to

In the months ahead, we will be adding a section for the exclusive use of GRTU Lease Access Program members. This section will include information about stocking events and fishing reports for each lease property.

Kent Fuka, Webmaster