Chapter Affairs . . .

GRTU Makes a Great Showing

Thanks to Volunteers

GRTU volunteers heeded the call in October and put in some long, but rewarding, hours at several shows and expos around the state.

MANY, MANY THANKS go to each of the following for manning the booths, giving out information and GRTU materials, and demonstrating and teaching fly tying and fly casting to more kids and adults than we could keep track of!

Texas Parks & Wildlife Expo, Austin, Oct 4 & 5: Billy Trimble, Lee Goldstein, Dave Gutweiler, Eric Bataille, Scott Graham, and Stacy Lynn.

Shallow Water Fishing Expo, Houston, Oct 11 & 12: Hugh Nugent, Barbara Nugent, Claude Stone, Ed Rizzolo, Bill Waldron, Billy Trimble, Scott Graham, and Melissa Bonnett.

Buck Fever, Seguin, Oct 22 & 23: Alan Bray, Marion Tilson, Constance Whiston, Bob Witzerman, Kent Rush, and Stacy Lynn.


Look What Six Bucks Could've Got You!!

Two fortunate fishermen paid only $6 each for raffle tickets that let them walk away from the October meeting with more than a stomach full of lunch!

Mike Scott of San Antonio won the G. Loomis 9', 4 wt. GL4 four-piece travel rod, and Charles Gordon of Cleburne was picked as the new owner of the Scott 8'4", 5 wt. PowRPly five-piece rod. Each was seen leaving the building clutching these extremely packable rods and grinning from ear to ear!

Thanks to all who participated in the raffle. And thanks to Mike Hipp of G. Loomis and Rick Fleming and Eric Kramer of Scott Rods for assisting in procuring these fine

fishing tools.

You’ll have a chance to make a similar high-quality investment at the January meeting, where your $6 investment could win you a Hobie Float Cat worth $445.


And Just For Showing Up......

The October meeting offered several door prizes to members in attendance. All the winners had to do was show up and not loose their ticket before the drawing! The lucky skunks are as follows with much thanks to the prize donors:

  • Embassy Reel, donated by the Austin Angler and won by George Loe.
  • Gruene Mansion Inn, dinner for two, donated by Gruene Mansion Inn Restaurant and won by D. Hansen.
  • Wurstfest, tickets for four, donated by the Wurstfest Association and won by Mike Gettman.
  • Ketchum Release Tools (two sets), donated by Waterworks and won by Doug Kierklewski and Cindie Schmitt.
  • We’ll have another spread of great door prizes in January, so put the meeting on your calendar.


    Commissioned Art Project Postponed

    To adequately portray the scenic beauty and graceful action of fly fishing for trout on the Guadalupe River, the landscape art project commissioned by Summerset House has been postponed.

    This limited-edition, signed and numbered series originally was to be available to the GRTU membership prior to Christmas, but now has been delayed, probably until spring.

    Summerset House anticipates offering a stunning image that captures what those of us who fish the Guadalupe know to be a truly unique and wondrous environment. A portion of the proceeds generated from sales of the print will go to the GRTU.

    Stacy Lynn, Vice President / Chapter Affairs