The last newsletter had only half a raffle page because of a regulation against sending raffle tickets by nonprofit bulk mail. The raffle can be described in the newsletter, but no tickets can be included. Removing the raffle tickets by hand was a 30-to 40-hour job that required the help of several members. This made the newsletter late and caused a loss of revenue from the sale of raffle tickets.

In the process of cutting out the tickets, VP/Chapter affairs Stacy Lynn had her report on the back of the page halved. If we had been apprized of this beforehand, other plans could have been instituted.

In the future, please make the tickets yourself out of 1-by-3-inch slips of paper with your name, address, and phone number on them. The prizes offered make this worthwhile.

Deleting the tickets left us with over 2,400 pages of raffle tickets that we will bring to future meetings and hopefully put to use.

Catch and Cook

The stripers are back! The massive water releases sent many striped bass of all sizes from the lake to the river, where they are known to indulge a voracious appetite for trout whenever they can. If you catch one of legal size, please don't practice catch and releaseóhave a good meal. If other fish are not biting, try for those monsters.

Rules, Regs, and Just Good Manners

This is a good time for all members to review the latest Texas fishing regulations. Many changes are in place, especially on the 9.5-mile section of the Guadalupe where we fish. Please read the latest TP&W rules. A trout stamp is required if fishing for trout, not just for catching them.

Our vigilant trash and gate committee has reported trash and open gates at various lease access sites. Our orientation classes stress the importance of keeping our lease sites in good condition so we donít have problems renewing our leases, but good manners apply to any fishing spot. Carry a garbage bag and do a little cleanup wherever you fish, even if itís not your trash. It only takes a few minutes. GRTU is a conservation organization, and that implies high standards of outdoor conduct.

On gates, if in doubt, read the back of your lease permit where it covers gates. If you opened it, close it. Always leave the site with a closed gate. Otherwise we can lose our paths to the river.

Be Part of the Solution

There was much grumbling about delays in receiving permits. We are a volunteer organization and most have jobs that take up their time. It seems that those that have not done Chapter work holler the loudest. What is your expertise? Tell the president or a director and join in the fun. "The more that does, the less the task"óI think thatís from Isaak Walton or someone who knew him.

Use the Net

Keep those E-mail addresses coming in. Send yours to If you change servers, remember to let the Chapter know.

Texas Parks & Wildlife has an excellent Web site on fishing: There are links to other TP&W places of interest from there.

Help for Low Flow

If anyone has ideas on how to speed up the checking in process at the meetings, the membership committee would like to hear them. Contact any officer/director or send an E-mail to the site mentioned previously or see the masthead of the paper.

River Conditions Improving

River flows (at the time of this writing) are getting back to normal, the water temperature has been dropping, and the oxygen count has been rising. Good news for the trout and those that fish for them. Wading is no longer as hazardous.

Public Access

For those that are not participating in the Lease Access Program, there is public access just below Canyon Dam on both sides of the tailrace. One side has handicapped access plus a Portacan. Trophy fish have been caught here. There is also fee access fishing at many spots in Sattler: Whitewater Sports, Rio Raft, and Beans Camp. Or ask some of the local stores.

Remember that this entire section of the Guadalupe has special restrictions. And that the trout GRTU puts in the river are for all to enjoy. By Bob Tuttle