The first load of rainbows have found their way into the river, they arrived safe and healthy. Thanks to all the volunteers that braved the seventy degree day to help out. The river temperature is hovering in the low sixties and a lot of the fish headed straight for the "good water". This batch of fish contained about one thousand pounds of brute stock, for those of you who may not know, brute stock are the much larger fish that are used for propagation. Our hatchery was on the tail end of the spawn and sent us quite a few fish that were ready to reproduce, hopefully in the Guadalupe. On the Monday following the stocking, I observed about a dozen trout that had already created four reds (spawning beds) by clearing out some gravel areas. Good Luck to the newborns !

If you happen to see a few big goldfish in the river this year, they are trout. They are not golden trout, but golden rainbows. Our hatchery developed this substrain and threw a few onto the truck for us.

TP&W will be stocking the usual sites this year and adding another 7000 trout thanks to WORD and the Canyon Lake Chamber. The TP&W rainbow fingerling program is on for this spring and there is a possibility that they will be doing browns as well.Keep you posted.

Scott Graham, Vice President / Fisheries