Tales of Arkansas Tailwaters Draw Big January Crowd

Denise Barton's program on the White River Drainage in Arkansas gave members excellent insights into the tailwater fishing opportunities available on the White, Norfolk, and Little Red Rivers in the relatively accessible Ozarks.

The January meeting was one of the most successful in GRTU history. Over 50 new members attended orientation and signed up for access permits. The new line of GRTU softgoods (embroidered hats and shirts) nearly sold out. Seventy-two meals were served and over 200 raffle tickets were purchased. (Raffles tickets sent in prior to the meeting generated almost $300.) Thanks for supporting GRTU and attending the meeting. It is so wonderful to see so many trout enthusiasts in one building!

Denise was kind enough to follow up on her presentation by sending along additional information to make fishing these tailwaters easier in terms of knowledge of flow:

For more information, Denise can be reached in Heber Springs at (501) 362-2192 or by E-mail at fishon@arkansas.net.

Winner of the Orvis Trident PM-10 5-weight rod was Mike Wegleitner of Austin. Mike had left the meeting early to go fish (as did a few others, eager to catch some of those awesome Guad trout), but his friend Oscar Dupre made sure Mike got his rod—after Oscar caught a few with it! Thanks again to Eric Bataille for donating this rod.

Door prize winners were Fred Dupre (rod/reel case donated by Orvis, Austin), Liz Hill (fishing vest donated by Orvis, Austin), Joseph Olinick (fly fishing themed print donated by Orvis, Austin), and Lee Goldstein (custom tied flies donated by January program presenter, Denise Barton of Arkansas). If you leave early, you lose out on the door prize goods! Thanks to these folks for resisting the temptation and sticking around. They picked up their prizes and still had time to hit the river after it was all done.

The special silent auction, featuring a one-of-a-kind Ross Gunnison Reel, engraved with "Guadalupe River Trout Unlimited" and the TU logo, was purchased by Ken Todd of College Station. Ken placed the highest bid of $190.00 for this beautiful G-2 reel donated by Scott Graham and his business, Guadalupe & Beyond Fly Fishing Adventures. Thanks Scott and Ken for your generous donations!

The post-meeting Fly Tying Round Table gave beginners and experienced fly fishers and tiers a chance to visit, learn and share information about effective patterns for the Guad. About 30 members gathered around volunteers Bob Witzerman of Austin, John Kelley of San Antonio and Marcos Enriquez of Orvis, Austin and watched as they tied and answered questions on materials, techniques and patterns. Many thanks to these gentlemen for donating their time and knowledge.

Stacy Lynn Trimble, VP Chapter Affairs