Guadalupe River Chapter

Volunteer Honor Roll

This listing recognizes volunteers who have made special contributions to Chapter objectives by volunteering their time and efforts to specific service projects. They set a worthy example for all GRTU members.

Troutfest Casting Clinic

Erik Bataille

Jim Bridges

Gordon Eggers

Troy Miller

Doug Ming

Buddy Robichaux

Garrett Sullivan

Marion Tilson


Cheryl Bodenhamer

L. Pace Bonner

Chris Coffin

Doug Coffin

Dave Cutherell

Oscar Dupre

Gordon Eggers

Walter Groman

Bob Marquette

Ron McAlpin

Doug Ming

Dave Molteni

Kathy Nagel

Charlotte Salter

David Uhler

Constance Whiston

January Meeting Fly Tiers

Marcos Enriquez

John Kelly

Robert Witzerman

January Meeting Set-Up

Oscar Dupre

Bill Johnson, Jr.

Vanessa Rogers

Matt Steinauer

Scott Thompson

Mike Wegleitner