Chapter Affairs

As the 1998-99 season approaches its end, I have been remembering all the events, shows, and activities that GRTU has attended in the past two years. I do not know of another organization or club related to our interests that was more generous with their time, volunteers, and attendance than GRTU. Every show or event in the area where people of similar interests gathered, we were present. Those of you who volunteered your time, effort, and resources to the success of these activities should take pride in knowing you were out there answering questions, handing out materials, teaching kids and adults to tie flies and fish, and advancing the cause of GRTU. Without you our exposure would be limited. I thank you for your support. I hope you had a good time and I hope you will join us at the next event.

And Speaking of the Next Event. . .

The Texas Fly Fishing Show has a new venue and a new partner. Aquarena Springs in San Marcos, now owned by Texas Parks & Wildlife, will host this growing event on May 21-23.

TP&W has joined Robert Miller of Pico Outdoors in organizing and promoting this show. Classes on nearly every aspect of fly fishing, tying, water craft, and outdoor enjoyment will be offered. Demonstrations, vendors, clubs, tackle shops, guides, and instructors will all be a part of the offerings.

GRTU will offer information on the Guadalupe, trout fishing, and National TU, as well as selling T-shirts, embroidered caps, and shirts. Volunteers are needed to assist at the GRTU table. Shifts will last about three hours, leaving plenty of time to attend a class or two, or just walk around.

To volunteer, please contact me at 830-629-3084 or For information on the show and classes, please contact your area tackle shop, TP&W, or Robert Miller at

Donation to WORD for October Flood Relief

The $1,000 donation GRTU made to the Water Oriented Recreation District at the October meeting provided "tons" of help to those hard hit by the flood on Oct. 17. Our donation went toward the rental of two large dumpsters that were placed in Sattler. Area residents and business utilized the dumpsters during clean-up. Over 384,00 pounds of trash was collected and hauled off from the two containers. Jim Inman of WORD expressed his appreciation to the GRTU members, officers, and directors for their support after this devastating event.

GRTU Receives Check for "River Dance"Print Proceeds

We have received a check for $1914.12 from Somerset House Publishing as our proceeds from the sales of the "River Dance" print to GRTU members. This amount reflects purchases, through January 31, of over 40 signed and numbered prints and canvases sold through GRTU's promotion in the fall.

Thank you so much to those of you who added this beautiful piece of Texas landscape art to your walls. There are still prints, canvases, and artistís proofs available and GRTU will continue to reap benefits from their purchase. To order, or for additional information on "River Dance," please contact Sue Powless at Somerset House, 800-444-2540.

Thompson Fly-Tying Equipment Special Sale for GRTU Members

D.H. Thompson is offering a special, one-time only promotion to GRTU members: 40 percent off all equipment and material prices in their catalog! Thompson is a long-standing manufacturer of premium tying equipment, such as their fully rotational axis vise, the "Vision". The Thompson "Model A" is known as the best basic vise on the market and has been the standard for all others since it was first produced many years ago.

This discount promotion includes vises, tools, kits, books, feathers/hair/furs, threads, synthetics and an incredible bench/organizer. Catalogs will be available for viewing at the April meeting and by request.

Orders must be placed through me (only one order form is available). No taxes or shipping charges! If we place an order totaling $500 or more (after discount) the chapter will receive a special fly tying kit for use as a raffle item or door prize. If you are just learning or wanting to upgrade, don't pass this deal up!

Cool "Kid Fish" A Big Success

GRTU volunteer turnout was super at this year's WORD-sponsored "Kid Fish" event on Sunday, March 7. Sixteen members arrived early to set up, fix and rig rods, and assist kids as they fished for the 1,000 pounds of rainbows stocked in the river at White Water Sports.

Due to some unfavorably cool weather, the TP&WD-organized event lacked the hundreds of children that the event drew last year. In fact, there was nearly one volunteer for every participant! Despite the few numbers, all the kids had a wonderful time and everyone was awarded a "prize".

TP&W representatives in charge of the event are very appreciative of the GRTU volunteers. Thank you so much for donating your time to the kids and representing GRTU at this special function. All of you have been named to the Volunteer Honor Roll in this newsletter and on the website.

Thanks to Members Who Helped

At the January Meeting

In addition to the members who assisted with "Kid Fish," I would like to thank the members who jumped in and helped set up for the January meeting. Without your assistance, the influx of 200+ members registering and buying lunch and raffle tickets would have been chaotic. I am very grateful to each of you and have named you to the Volunteer Honor Roll.

In Closing . . .

I have met so many new and great people through GRTU in the last several years. I have enjoyed visiting and e-mailing all of you. I look forward to the excitement and challenge that GRTU faces in our pursuit of the river flow issue. And I hope to see you on the river soon! Happy Landings!

Stacy Lynn Trimble, VP Chapter Affairs