Notice of Annual Spring Meeting

Saturday, April 24, 1999

(Just below Canyon Dam on South Access Road, across from St. Thomas Church)

CHAPTER BUSINESS: 10:30 to 11:00 am
RAFFLE: L.L. Bean Double L 6-wt., 9' two-piece rod

SILENT AUCTION: Redington Kid Start rod outfit

PROGRAM: Anatomy of a Trout Steam" by Author and Entomologist Rick Hafele

(See inside for details on the afternoon in-stream clinic).

11:00 am to 12 Noon, with Guadalupe River trout fly tying program after lunch.

LUNCH: Noon. Optional. Fried chicken, vegetable, salad, trimmings, tea, and coffee included. Tickets $7.00. Please bring desserts for everyone to share.

BOARD OF DIRECTORS MEETING: 5 p.m., location to be announced

Learn All About Bugs and Bows at the April Meeting

Puzzled by those bugs swarming around your head as you try to concentrate on the drift of your line? Wondering why fish are jumping all around you but refuse to take your fly even when you float it right in front of their noses? Ever considered hiring an entomologist to stand beside you in the stream?

To ease your frustration, GRTU is sponsoring a noted authority on trout and their food preferences for the April program. Rick Hafele, co-author of The Complete Book of Western Hatches and Aquatic Insects and Their Imitations, will feature his slide presentation, "Anatomy of a Trout Steam." His program will cover where fish live in streams, why trout use different water types, and the angling tactics best suited for fishing each water type.

Rick has a master's degree in aquatic entomology and a minor in fisheries biology. He has worked as a professional aquatic biologist for over 15 years and is widely considered one of the best on the subject of trout fishing. His video, Anatomy of a Trout Stream, has aided hundreds of anglers in their quest for the majestic trout.

As a special program, Rick will conduct a three-hour in-stream clinic on the entomology important to successful trout fishing and hatches specific to the Guadalupe River. This hands-on clinic will begin at 1:30 p.m. and will cost $20 per person to attend.

This informative and practical lesson on collecting, identifying and learning to imitate the important hatches will be valuable not only to those who primarily fish the Guad, but also to those who venture to other waters to the north, east, and west. (The Guad is as far south as trout go, remember?)

Class size for the in-stream clinic is limited. To reserve your place, please send your $20 fee to: GRTU April Program
c/o Stacy Lynn Trimble
P.O. Box 312058
New Braunfels, TX 78131-2058

If space is still available prior to the meeting day, we will register persons for the clinic on the meeting day. For questions on the program and clinic, please contact Stacy Lynn Trimble, 830-629-3084, or by E-mail at Raffle Notes

Since we cannot include raffle tickets in the Newsletter, you can send your own hand-crafted tickets by mail or buy them at the meeting, or you can print "official" raffle tickets from our Website, at It's under Events.

To pre-purchase tickets, send your raffle tickets and checks to GRTU, c/o Stacy Lynn Trimble, P.O. Box 312058, New Braunfels, TX 78131-2058. Mail early so we have them before the meeting.

Special Silent Auction

The January Silent Auction was such a success, we’re doing it again. Austin Outfitters has donated a Redington Kid Start outfit for the acution, just the thing for developing a serious fishing habit in some young relative or friend.

The ready-to-fish outfit designed by Mel Krieger includes an 8-foot 6/7 wt.two-piece rod, lightweight and durable reel, fly line, leader, backing, Cordura rod/reel case, instructions, and practice yarn. Retail value is $189. Minimum opening bid is $80, and following bids must be in $10 increments.

Casting instruction (for the kid) and a guided fishing trip are available to the winning bid.

Afternoon Fly-Tying Round Table and Demonstration

The "After Lunch" program will feature area fly tyers demonstrating Guadalupe River trout fly patterns. All GRTU members are invited to bring their vises and materials and join in.

If you haven't learned to tie yet or are just beginning, this is an excellent opportunity to learn and see what patterns work the best for the Guad!