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Get Current River Flow

Info at GRTU's Website

The news from Cyberspace is that the GRTU website now includes Guadalupe River flow information provided by the USGS from a sampling station located above Horseshoe Falls, about 1.8 miles below Canyon Dam.

Every 15 minutes, the GRTU computer gets the information over the Internet from the USGS computer and updates the flow information on the GRTU Web page. GRTU's Web address is

There's also a link to a chart that displays the flow for the last seven days. Thanks to USGS for providing this information to the public! The USGS web site contains a large amount of flow data for all major rivers in Texas.

Also, as I'm sure that Pace Bonner will tell you, there are a set of electronic mailing lists for GRTU members, including the following:

GRTU­Chat for general discussions. Send a message to admin­GRTU­ if you want to join this mailing list.

GRTU­Announce for GRTU official announcements. Send a message to admin­GRTU­ to join this list.

GRTU­WantAds with items to buy and sell. Send a message to admin­GRTU­ to join this list.

Texas­Flyfishing is a public list open to GRTU members and non GRTU members to discuss fishing issues state­wide. Send a message to admin­Texas­ to join this list.

By Kent Fuka