Notes from Fisheries

TP&W's March 11 public hearing on special regulations to protect the Guadalupe River's trout fishery went extremely well for both the trout and for GRTU.

What made the March 11 meeting at the Comal County Courthouse in New Braunfels such a tremendous success was the efforts of the many GRTU members who gave up part of an evening to be there and to speak out. They represented our membership well.

Only one person spoke to oppose the proposed regulations, and about 30 spoke for the changes. Several property owners spoke in favor of the regs, as did a couple of outfitters and fly fishing guide Harry Lane. The meeting was very orderly, and I would be very surprised if the new regs don't pass.

One thing I learned at the meeting is that there is a toll-free TP&W number to call if you see anyone breaking game and fish laws. Response time is said to be on the order of minutes, so the chances of apprehension are good-especially when so many people can call directly from their cars these days. The number is (1­800­792­GAME).

Write the number on your lease card, keep it in your wallet, and circulate it among your fellow fishers. We need to be the eyes and ears of the game wardens, who obviously have their hands full in a sometimes dangerous and often thankless job that benefits all of us.

By Hylmar E. Karbach