January Meeting's Many Attractions Attract Many

GRTU Past President Jeff Schmitt's slide program covering his and Cyndie's Alaska fishing trip had a lot of members reviewing and reordering their personal priorities to make room for a similar trip-which was the idea of the program, titled "Alaska-On Your Own."

Jeff and Cyndie brought their fifth-wheel trailer, truck, deluxe float boat, and golden retriever Rowdy to the meeting to give the full flavor of their adventure. After an outstanding presentation with great color slides on two screens, they gave a tour of the vehicles.

The combination of the Schmitts' program, another trout stocking, and beautiful, crisp winter weather made for a very well-attended meeting. Some 107 souls signed in and a goodly additional number showed up without signing up. More than 70 sat down for the barbecue lunch after the program. The meeting also featured two lease access education classes, both of which drew good attendance.

The Sage rod raffle was won by Jimmy Moses, who was present to take home his prize. The numerous door prizes winners were Ron Poppe (box of flies), Shane Mills (book on flies and fly tying), Jim Timms (TU T­shirt), and Kent Fuka and George Small (Sage coffee mugs). The silent auction sold about half the books that were offered.

Two new Lifetime Honorary Members were recognized for their years of service to the Chapter and added to the GRTU Honor Roll: R.E. "Bob" Tuttle, Jr. and longtime member William A. "Bill" Johnson. MD.