Mr. Stream Manners. . .

Dear Mr. Manners,

Sometimes when I'm on the water I come across other anglers, and I don't know what to do or how to act.

Can you give me some guidelines for proper on-the-water etiquette?


Want to Do the Right Thing

Dear Thing,

Here is a handy guide to proper streamside behavior, courtesy of our friends at The Austin Angler. Do these things, and you'll do right by your fellow anglers:

The Law. Buy and carry a license. Know your local and state regulations. Do not trespass.

Respect For Other Anglers. Slow down in dusty parking areas. Leave pets and loud music at home. Walk quietly past other anglers and stay away from the bank.

Who Has The Right Of Way? The angler casting upstream. Any angler with a fish on. Any stationary angler. The floating angler yields to the walking/wading angler. The first angler to arrive has a right to that pool.

Don't Crowd. Do not enter the water directly in front of another angler. First, ask which direction they are fishing and give them at least 100 feet on a larger river. Much more on a smaller river.

The Environment. If you brought it in, take it out. Every scrap. Don't make new tracks. Use visible roads and paths whenever possible. Get the lead out. Use a substitute.

The Fish. Become an expert at catch and release. When releasing, land the fish as quickly as you can. Be patient. Reviving your fish may take longer than landing it. Keeping the fish? Be humane. Kill it immediately. Fish barbless.

Remember, it's a sport. Sometimes the fish wins.

Tight lines,

Mr. Stream Manners