Bits & Pieces . . .

Support Your Local Salmonids. If you buy your trout stamps in Comal County, the Guadalupe River gets trout credit from the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, and that means more TP&W trout during the winter stockings. Licenses and trout stamps can be obtained at The Kanz Feed store and Goofy's in Sattler.

A Wade on the Wild Side. The river flow is predicted to be slow during 1997 unless the area experiences needed rain. BUT, recently, because of very heavy February rains, the flow was 1,000 cfs, which makes wade fishing rather hazardous.

A Rainbow in The Pedernales? With our numerous trout stockings, along with TP&W contributions, the Guadalupe River is full of trout, and the fishing should be excellent. So what is a rainbow doing in the Pedernales River? A state record rainbow trout was caught there recently-a record because it was the first recorded trout to be caught there. The mystery is this: Where did it come from? Who put it in there, and why? If someone knows the answer, many would like to hear it. The rainbow was caught at Reimer's, off Hamilton Pool Road near Bee Cave. That is a fee-based spot well known for white bass. But a rainbow?

By Bob Tuttle