(From Chapter newsletters, letters and minutes dated 1971 through 1987 and letters and news articles donated by Jim Vynalek)


July 1970 ‑ Tanner Report (Note: advocates enhancing food in stream, is introducing some‑‑also suggests brook trout. copy in good condition.)


October 13, 1970; letter from Dr. Howard Tanner summing up the results of his report: "There is no justification for the concern in the introduction of the brown trout versus the rainbow trout. The rainbow trout is what you plant and will remain what you plant. The potential brown trout population is what you plant plus the potential of a natural reproducing population. I urge you, therefore, to give serious consideration to the brown trout introduction.


Feb. 27, 1971 ‑ Houston Post: goal 35,000 brown trout to add to 10,000 rainbows already stocked in past month. (Press release)


March 11, 1971: Anti‑Litter Campaign Grows‑‑campaign to clean up litter along shores of Canyon Lake. Guadalupe chapter of Trout Unlimited has scheduled a clean‑up campaign for the river below Canyon Dam on the same weekend. (SA Express News)


The Guadalupe chapter was organized as a result of the Texas Parks and wildlife Department and Lone Star Brewery program of stocking rainbow trout in the tailrace waters below Canyon Lake Dam. Its purpose is to support the TPWD in its effort to establish the Guadalupe as a valuable permanent trout habitat. The chapter includes members from Austin, Corpus Christi, El Paso, Houston, New Braunfels and San Antonio. Sportsmen interested in joining should contact Bill Parvin, Jr., Dick Pints, Stephen Booth, Bob Wallace.


As further steps in the fund raising campaign, a solicitation among the national membership of Trout Unlimited through its headquarters office in Denver is planned. Financial support from primate industry will be considered.

Sportsmen and conservationists interested in helping to establish a permanent brown trout fishery on the Guadalupe can make checks payable to the Guadalupe Chapter, Trout Unlimited, and mail to the chapter treasurer, Stephen Booth... Grants or contributions are tax deductible since the project involves the conservation of a natural resource. Receipts will be issued ‑ The stocking program, which is tied to the brown trout spawning cycle, would begin in the spring of 1972.


in considering the feasibility of the brown trout project, various experts have been consulted including members of the TPWD, Dr. Howard Tanner, Director of Natural Resources, Michigan State University, Bill Mathis, Chief of Fisheries, state of Arkansas, Wayne Pollock, Director of TVA Trout Fisheries in Tennessee. The consensus is that the project has a very good chance for success. Other projects planned are a "Bring Back A Limit of Litter" clean‑up campaign on the Guadalupe River, March 27‑28. This will tie in with the sportsmen Against Pollution clean‑up effort on Canyon Lake on the same week‑end. Later Meetings will include fly casting and fly tying instructions as well as tips for sportsmen interested in trout fishing.


Trout Unlimited is a national, non‑profit conservation organization dedicated to the preservation, restoration and enhancement of the trout and salmon resources through better fisheries management protection and improvement of habitat. (From letter, March 1971, first page missing, print almost completely faded.)


March 18, 1971 (news release regarding cleanup): "...Trout Unlimited is anxious to demonstrate to residents and property owners along the river that sportsmen are concerned and interested not only in taking fish, but also in helping to preserve the unlittered natural beauty of the Guadalupe.


April 4, 1971; Litter fight last weekend by Guadalupe Chapter Trout Unlimited with the help of Explorer Scout Troop 132: At least seven trailers each averaging 600 to 700 pounds were collected. Bill Parvin said there's still plenty left and said they would be back every three months.


May, 1971; newsletter talks about brochure describing the brown trout project prepared by Parvin, Oliver and Schubauer. It was produced in Denver. (Attached)


July 29, 1971. Lone Star brewery to match funds raised. (canyon Times)

August 1, 1971; Jim Vynalek of SA reported that plans call for initially stocking some 30,000 to 35,000 German Brown trout in both catchable and fingerling sizes over a period of one year. The stocking schedule, which is tied to the brown trout spawning cycle, would begin in the spring of 1972. (SA Express News)


Feb. 1972 ‑ Bob Corey ‑ Montrose, Colorado 20,000 browns ordered. No price recorded


Feb. 24, 1972 ‑ 6,000 rainbows planted by club ‑ no price recorded


March 9, 1972; March 25 is lot in a series of cleanup campaigns to be conducted on the Guadalupe River in 1972. Last year TU members and volunteers removed over 5 tons of litter from the 10‑mile stretch of river below Canyon Dam. (The Canyon Lake Times)


March 9, 1972; 25,000 wild German Brown Trout fingerlings developed at silver Springs Trout Farm in Montrose, Colorado, by hatchery owner Bob Corey. Eggs originated from the North Platte River in Wyoming. They were not growing as rapidly as hatchery originated stock, but very healthy and should prove hardier than the hatchery variety. Fingerlings should be 3 inches by the time of the drop. These are the trout that Lone Star Brewing company offered matching funds to help finance. (Ibid article above)


Mar. 25, 1972 ‑ Bob Corey ‑ silver Springs Trout Hatchery in Colorado ‑ brown. trout in April ‑20,000 by mid‑April not growing as rapidly as expected but healthy. Water temperature in Guadalupe River 55 degrees. same as in Colorado water the fish are hatching in.


March 30, 1972 ‑ letter "How now Brown Trout" re. where to drop 20,000 fingerlings and 43. Bad flying weather. Also, March 28 letter regarding this subject.


May 16, 1972 ‑ flood right after the drop. Prices recorded in this letter plus delivery plus advice on how to raise fry in river since the 1 1/2 ‑ 2 inch are very expensive.


June 15, 1972 ‑ raised $4,262.50 for brown trout fingerlings and mature fish.

April delivery Was a gift: 16,000 brown trout fingerlings and 2,000 golden trout (dropped in April).

Plans for 1500 mature 10‑14 inch brown trout to complete the 1st phase of effort to get brown trout reproducing.


Financial statement on Aug. 22, 1972 lists:  4/11 Silver Spr. Trout farms $64  4/7 D ‑ N Flying service $445.00  3/15 Maricopa Lodge (Corey) $28.84


Aug. 29, 72 ‑ Letter to Mt. Lassen Trout Farm in Red Bluff, Calif.: ordered 1200 9" ‑ 20" browns and pd $2300 guaranteed delivery included (these fish died).


They were to be tagged at 2 cents/lb however TPW requirement was changed to adipose fin clipped instead of tagging and this price is unknown at this time.

October 1972 ‑ above fish died. New plans: 6000 ‑ 4 in brown fingerlings ‑ 150 mature rainbows donated by Finta (the above company is Finta's) TPW plant 6,000 mature rainbows Oct. 19. Kanz lease was started at this time. Copy of Kanz lease is included.


Jan 1973 ‑ 6,000 planted in November. Apr. plant are now 7 inches and turning up.


April 1973 ‑ 100,000 fingerlings from Bob Corey are stranded in snow storm. I assume these were paid for and money lost by club but that is not clear in this newsletter. 52,000 planted by TPW.

Reordered browns: 65,000 fingerlings to TU, 40,000 to TPW; rainbows 85,000 to TPW and 10,000 rainbow eggs to UT. A 12 in. br was caught.


October 1973 TU stocked 55,000 fingerlings in Guadalupe (Sacred River) These are browns. TPW stocked 20,000 fingerlings rainbow and 4,000 fingerling browns to St. of the Hills Hatchery an experimental basis.

TPW ‑ mid August stocked 5,000 rainbows 61, long in Guadalupe plus some in other places. 5,000 to Possum Kingdom and 10,000 to other places.


75% browns were lost and 1000 moved don't know where. The rainbows were in some kind of spring‑fed canal an they were all right, but the browns were in tanks. Aim was realized: to prove they could raise fingerlings here in Texas.


Minutes Oct. 27 1973 ‑ first set of minutes in this book (above information is from letters, newspaper articles and Chapter newsletters ‑ TPW ordered 25,000 rainbow from Federal Hatchery in Arkansas put 1/2 in Guadalupe in Nov. Expects 10,000 rainbow from Colorado in trade for catfish. These were 41, in March.


Heart Hills hatchery is kaput ‑ develop new hatchery by 1975 then help TU raise eggs etc. browns look promising.

Chad Oliver said here that in Apr. 72, Nov. 72 and Apr. 73, a total of 74,000 br. trout were put in Guadalupe: proof that they survive and grow and proof of catching 6 in to 15 in.


Minutes of a board meeting on 27 Oct. 73: 75,000 eggs from Wyoming (free), 15,000 to 90 to TPW by air, 10,000 to Jack Rowan for vibert Boxes and 50,000 to Bob Corey: 25,000 for his trouble and 25,000 to wade Butler or Al Williams for experimental purposes.


28 Oct. 73 ‑ 1. 12,500 catchable rainbows in March and more (to be traded for catfish in Nov. from TPW from source in Arkansas (FED).

Note: 75,000 br trout eggs not delivered or disposed of yet.


Jan 74 shocked 15 br. trout up in Guadalupe.


Jack Rowan: 50,000 ‑ 75,000 browns available in Feb.

2‑24‑74: 75,000 from Wyoming P&W gift browns: went to Bob Corey in Colorado on Nov. 1973

Expenses by Bob Corey $1,145 and transportation at $30/hr $465 (this is paid by TPW and cost to TU is $1324 (making a profit to Bob Corey of $179 for his trouble). BUT no money in treasury to buy. 23,000 for $479 in treasury‑‑directors donated a further $436 and 44,000 browns were bought


Mar 9 ‑ concerning where to drop and TPW helps drop


Apr. 11, 1974 says 58,000 stocked browns. Caught 1 ‑ 17" and several 14‑15"


May 13, 1974 interesting letter from chemistry Dept. Stephen F. Austin State University in Nacogdoches.


May 22, 1974 concerns cost of transport‑‑TPW want bill so they can get state to pay it.

Oct. 74 shocking produced several 16" and 8‑10" 1 17" and several 5‑61, caught one 14.5" and one 16"

No date ‑ TWW 3800 1/2" 400 in Kanz area and 4‑5,000 next week for a total of 15,000 this year so far and 5,000 next month.


Feb. 15, 1975 ‑ caught br. 10" and 111, one of ea.

minutes of 2‑75 directors meeting ‑ of 221,000 TPW released, 80,000 rainbows 41, and 81' long released in Guadalupe. Question asked ‑ introduce food into river. Ans. was no no. TPW trying to get eyed eggs from New Zealand. TPW asked TU to keep up Vibert boxes and look for browns.


Mar 22, 1975 ‑ Jim vynalek requested TU continue to get eggs from the same spot in Wyoming, 100,000 browns.


Mar. 75 newsletter: TPW putting in trout per above.


Apr. 7, letter says TPW will ask for eggs from Wyoming that way they will be free


Oct. 25, 75 2 brns 2 lb and 10 ounces and 1 20 inch caught. Water quality kit gotten,

Minutes Oct. 26, 75 small hatch reported at 3:00 meeting adjourned.


22 Mar 75 ‑ request eggs from same spot in Wyoming. interesting reply.

No browns stocked in 75 and not much information either


Jan 76 ‑ 67,000 rainbow already put in by TPW ‑‑they intend to put in 120,000 this year.

40,000 brown eggs hatched and 26,000 fingerlings at Possum Kingdom Hatchery. Also found Dr. Embree spring creek good spot for vibert box experiment.


March 76 ‑ fingerling ‑ 4" not distributed yet but they go to Dr. Embree, Guadalupe and Brazos.


Apr. 76. ‑ cleanup drive because of special sewage pollution and letter to Canyon Lake chamber of Commerce


NOV. 76 ‑ 60,000 rainbow TPW ‑ before Thanksgiving no report on browns at Possum Kingdom


Feb. 25 77 letter to TPW Newsletter ‑ no news of browns.


July ‑ 1977 asking for more eggs to be put in spring creek want 10,000 from Wyoming. Writing letter was mistake because Wyoming does not give away eggs to private organizations. Reply not so good.


Sept. 7, 77 Wade Butler back in Texas area ‑ asking for eggs.


April 2 1976 Sculpins paper (Tanner report suggested Sculpins be introduced into river for food), but paper not included in this book. Young man had written his doctorate.


Sept. 7, 77 releases from dam a problem starts in earnest beginning of a drought.


11‑18‑77 Loading vibert boxes from St. Ignatious Montana eggs.


2 2 78 2000 brook trout 11, long and 16 vibert boxes ea. filled with 500 eggs brown from above

Two good columns to be xeroxed by Andy Anderson and Dan Klepper


3‑13‑‑78 Letter to Pero TU editor


3‑1978 newsletter concerning the problems of setting up the Vibert boxes by few people including Mary Newman Louise Long and Hazel Schubauer. Follow thru on this newletter (xerox)


August Flood Sept. 19‑78 ‑ newsletter ‑ nothing new


Jan 15 1979 - 6 lb trout caught


Mar 79 stocked Feb. 9 1979 1000 at Gilberts and 1000 at DOC Embree's, but flow too great: 1500 eggs in 3 boxes in DOC Embree creek and rest to San Marcus hatchery.


stocked Feb. 9 1979.

TPW ‑ No more trout in program feared.


Nov. 79 25,000 Montana brown trout eggs, Heart of Hills Hatchery to 611. No price and no information on this if followed through (Apr. 79, Oct. 79 and Nov. 79 letters but no real information on buying eggs)

Nov. 80 50,000 from Montana  $800.00


April 1980 Browne hatched from eggs at ‑ Nov. 79 eggs? (This information is unclear.)


171, rainbow and 3 lb rainbow caught.


minutes June 28 1980 report TPW Mr. Robt. Bounds.

Dec. 6, 1980 Xerox report ‑ fish drops: good


Apr. 4, 1981 22,000 browns hatch by TPW eggs furnished by chapter (3 1/2 ‑ 4 inches). ‑ lbs of rainbows.


April 4, 1981 Released fingerlings in early Apr. 60,000 4" in San Marcus

Newsletter ‑ Apr. 4 plan to buy 60,000 eggs for San Marcus Hatchery TPW at estimated cost of >$1000.


Minutes Apr. 17 82 will check prices


minutes May 15 82 5,000 5‑7" brns $400/K 50 cents/mile ‑ buy $3000


Minutes Aug. 14 82 5,000 6‑81, brns 50 cents/mile  one way guaranteed delivery ‑  $3,290


Minutes Oct. 16 82 (clean up but too late to participate will do so in future. $3,315 earmarked for fish buy.


Jan 83 4800 Brown Trout no price


Feb. 23, 83. Letter about 5 cent drink container charge, Bildon Peters, Water Flow Committee CL


Apr. 16 83 Loss of TPW rainbows ‑ by Paul schubauer who is in charge of buying fish. said 3 increments of redbands stocked at Beans and Kanz. Nothing about how the 3,315 was spent, just Chapter purchased rainbow trout from Colorado


October 15, 83 ‑ Dir. Meeting. Rainbows from Colorado if same price as last year $1700


Oct. 15. 83 ‑ General meeting: Redband program TPW Dr. Sonski biologist TPN stocking 120,000 rainbow and 30,000 redbands.


Nov. 83 4800 br. trout from silver Spr. Hatchery, Colo.; 1100 rainbows 1 1/2 fish/ lb. No one has seen any browns in the river recently.TPW. tried redband fry and firehole rainbows, warmer water trout. Beginning of effort for power plant at dam.


Apr. 28, 1984 Dir. and Gen. Meetings ‑ no new information.


Oct. 13 1984 115,000 rainbows and 115,000 redbands, 94,000 to Guadalupe by TPW


Apr. 20, 85 ‑ Dir. meeting ‑ minutes ‑ no information, mentioned container bill.


Apr. 20, 85 ‑ General meeting ‑ funds raised by Kanz lease bought fish released by club.


Oct. 5, 85 ‑ Dir. and Gen. meetings ‑ donations to purchase fish? Beginning of Trout stamp, TU members were worried.

Feb. 6, 1986 residents oppose FF restrictions on trout lease area; several letters and article dealing with this issue.


Apr. 12, 86 no new information


Oct. 25, 1986 General and Dir. meetings ‑ Catchable fish brns and rainbows to be ordered, no amt. sited, just what can be afforded, to call a special meeting of Board to decide on nos. and price.


Dec. 18, 87 ‑ 1000 lbs. at 2.40/lb 5% to Kanz 25% to Beans and 25% to lease and Sattler Br. (2.50/lb from MO.)

no Browns.


Apr. 11, 87 ‑ 1,000 lbs silver spr. hatchery Colo, 85% to Kanz 15% Rio Raft 12‑15"