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Notice of Annual Winter Meeting & Newsletter



PLACE: St. Thomas Church Activity Center adjacent to the church

[Just below Canyon Dam on South Access) ‑ Sattler, Texas.

TIME: 10.00 AM ‑ Registration & Socializing Coffee Bar 10:30 to 11:00 ‑ Meeting Business Raffle Very Special Custom Fly Rod (See Raffle Insert Sheet) Program 11:00 ‑ 12:00

LUNCH:(optional) 12:30 ‑ Tasty BBQ!!, Various Salads, Beans, Chips, Buns, Relishes, possibly some unusual desserts and maybe a choice of wines. Delicacies and other offerings gladly accepted! A catered affair so there will be a nominal charge for this delicious meal.


At The October Meeting...

The counting stopped at 82 members!! warm weather, clear skies, great barbecue and some choice deserts.

The announced program of a Joe Robinson casting clinic did not take place. Joe has had problems with his back most of his life and the week that he was to attend was a particularly bad one so he had to postpone his appearance for that meeting. We plan to have Joe at our April meeting. Luckily, Bud Priddy volunteered to take over and gave an outstanding program complete with slides and a commentary on various Central Texas River fishing spots. Bud is the author of the recently published "Fly Fishing the Texas Hill country" which covers 13 Texas Rivers in great detail.

The Orvis Rod raffle was won by R.C. Osborne. The hand tied flies in the cedar box donated by Master Fly Tyer Irving O'Neal was won by Al Easterling.




A real treat is in store for us. Harry Lane, a professional guide from the San Juan River area in New Mexico, will conduct a fly fishing seminar beginning inside and then proceeding (weather permitting) to a suitable point on the river where actual in the water demonstrations will take place.


This should be one of our finer programs. Imagine ... free casting lessons, tips, and techniques from an expert teacher who has been fishing for over 40 years in 13 states. When not traveling, Harry is based at the San Juan Outfitters in Farmington New Mexico close to the Navajo Dam and The San Juan and Dolores Rivers.


This fine program will be of interest to both the novice fly‑fisher and the seasoned caster. The program will begin following the meeting and then continue on after lunch into the afternoon. Many of you have asked for this type of program and now we have it!


Bits& Pieces...

The book "Fly‑Fishing the Texas HUI Country" is now in its second printing! it can be obtained from Gruene Outfitters, The Austin Angler, or ordered from any book store.

Good news for lease card holders! Additional lease access points have been obtained. No fin clipping on our trout drops and we do not plan any egg programs this year. Our stockings will continue and primary lease card holders will be kept informed.

If you wish to join, move, change chapter affiliation or have any questions about your National TU membership, there is now a toll free number to call as well as a special address for correspondence:

Trout Unlimited Membership Services 1500 Wilson Blvd. Suite 310 Arlington, VA 22209‑2310 1‑800‑834‑2419

There is going to be some dredging going on in the Guadalupe around February. There is Comal County culvert work planned for a spot near the 4th crossing close to Rio Raft. We have been advised by TP&W that there will be minimal impact on the river. A little muddy water for a while, but that occurs during heavy rainfall.

Road work is planned for the famed or infamous Purgatory Road between 306 and 32. This should benefit those travelling through Wimberley or coming from Rt. 32.

River flows below the dam have been around 280 to 300 cfs for the past several months.

Some have caught fish..others have not, so what else is new?


A Note From Bud Priddy

The Alamo Fly Fishers ask for your assistance in our efforts to help the Nueces Canyon Chamber of Commerce. The Chamber has requested Texas Parks and Wildlife establish a catch and release section for bass on the upper Nueces river.

One of our members, Don Jackman, who lives in Camp Wood, suggested several months ago that we speak to the Chamber about special regulations on the Nueces river. He felt they would be receptive to a suggestion from us that this be requested of the Parks and Wildlife Department. Several of us met with the Chamber of Commerce in Camp Wood. As a result, their Board of Directors voted to request the state establish a catch and release section on the river. This would be for bass only. They also requested that Parks and Wildlife stock the river with Northern largemouth and Guadalupe bass. This would jump start the program if the state will agree to the stocking.


This river is one of the most pristine of all our Hill Country streams and has good fishing at present. With special regulations, this river could be the premier stream in the state. Many of you fish the Llano river now. This would be another quality destination. Access is good on


If you are interested in the development of the Guadalupe River trout fishery, you are invited to request a copy of the Research Proposal. I'll bring some copies to the meeting. If you want to support our efforts, then please consider making a donation to our Research Fund in support of this project. If you can't afford to donate but want to support our efforts, be sure to tell Alan

Bray Thanks!


Arkansas Favorites...

These are the results of a recent FAVORITE FLY SURVEY taken from North Arkansas Fly Fishers newsletter

#1 Sowbug #2 Olive Wooly Bugger #3 Black Wooly Bugger #4 Golden Ribbed Hare's Ear #5 Prince Nymph

The Wooly Bugger & Hare's Ear also appear on numerous other lists nation wide. Send in your favorites, the list will be compiled and will (depending on the response) appear in a future newsletter.


Member Survey

Should the Chapter institute a "catch‑and release" policy in conjunction with its lease access fishing programs?

It's a regular debate at the Board meetings and a discussion that has woven its way throughout the Chapter's history. There are strong feelings on all sides of this issue. Feelings that are based on upbringing, history, philosophies, age, ego, societal trends and who knows what else. But, the Board, in attempt to better understand the desires of its membership, wants to know where you stand on this issue.


The proposal has been made to adopt a policy that would require all members to practice catchand‑release angling tactics when fishing as a part of the Chapters lease access program. This policy would only apply to members who gain access to our lease access sites via the rights and privileges provided as part of the lease access program. It would not apply to members who fish at the publicly accessible put‑and‑take locations or who gain access to fish in a manner other than our program. This would be a Chapter policy, effecting only the ability of members to retain access to our lease sites and fish through our

lease access program. It would not carry any force of law and would be subject to enforcement only via the Boards power to revoke a lease access permit.


. The policy would be adopted only in recognition of the limited resources the Chapter has available to stock fish at its access sites and the increasing number of members who are participating in our lease access program. It J.S. would be implemented in an attempt to better "self‑regulate" our fishery until TP&W makes further decisions on how it will regulate the fishery in the future. It would not be intended to make any value judgement against the keeping trout for personal consumption

So, the question is, would the majority of the Chapter membership support such a policy. Let us know by answering the following survey query:




Send a 20 cent POST CARD To:Jeff Schmitt 2512 Star Grass Circle Austin, Texas 78745

(or hand deliver at meeting)

I would support the adoption of a "catch‑and release" policy as a condition of the Chapter's lease access program.

I would not support the adoption of a "catchand‑release" policy as a condition of the Chapter's lease access program.


The Chapter honors the following distinguished members with an Honorary Life Membership, some awarded posthumously. This honor is reserved for commendatory recognition of individuals whose personal service contributions to the Chapter are deemed to have had significant impact and otherwise were outstanding.

Honorary Members

James Keeton

Lt. Col. Paul Schubauer

Bill Pabst

Hazel Schubauer

J. Bill Parvin

Tom Whitehouse

Glenn Richardson

Bill Cobb

Chad Oliver

Howard Itten


the Nueces for wade fishing and several areas are very good for floating in years with average or above average rainfall.

Letters from any of you would be most helpful and could have impact on bringing this about.

These letters should be sent to Mr. Jimmy Dean, c/o Parks and Wildlife, 134 Braniff, San Antonio, Texas 78216. Mr. Dean has regional responsibility and would be in charge of initiating any changes.

It would also be helpful if a copy or a second letter were sent to Mr. Phil Durocher, c/o Texas Parks and Wildlife, 4300 Smith School Road, Austin, Texas 78744.

These letters do not need to be long. Please ask Parks and Wildlife to make this stream the one with the highest priority for initiating special regulations.


Thanks in advance! The Alamo Fly‑fishers


For subscribers, Trout Unlimited has a section on CompuServe. It is in section 2 of the Outdoors Support Forum and can be accessed by typing "GO TROUTTU" at any CIS 1 prompt and post messages to Trout Unlimited 70534,3234. INTERNET address is 70534,3234. TU is also on America Online at TroutU. The Internet address



Commercial Supporters

The Guadalupe River Chapter of Trout Unlimited gratefully acknowledges the cash contributions that have been received this year from the following commercial supporters:

Gruene Outfitters, Ray Box

Beans Camp, Mr. Dick Preusser

Alamo Flyfishers Gold Medal Fishing Club


Donations Report

In the fall newsletter I sent out the word that we needed member contributions to fund Chapter

activities. I challenged the members who could afford it to become Century Club Members. I also asked you to help direct chapter activities by allocating your donations to the areas in which you wished to see the chapter to focus its efforts.

I am pleased to report that Chapter donations are at an all time high, up over 50% from last year. As of this writing, we have 33 Century Club Members. Total donations to date are as follows: $1,000 to General Fund; $2,700 to Fisheries; $615 to Research. The Board of Directors thanks the membership for their support and pledges to use these donations to further the goals of the membership.


The Chapter has received a special donation of $700 from member Robert Newman of San Antonio. Bob has provided us with the donation in the remembrance of Chad Oliver. He and Chad were fishing buddies. This donation has been allocated to the creation of a memorial plaque for Chad at the Kanz lease and for the stocking of additional fish in the river. The Chapter thanks Robert Newman for his donation and pauses for a moment to remember Chad Oliver, his contribution to the Chapter and his love for the Guadalupe River.


Century Club Members

The Guadalupe River Chapter of Trout Unlimited honors our Century Club Members. The following cha ter members have made cash contributions of $50. Or more, in addition to their supporting membership donations and lease access card costs.

Robert Arthur Anthony R, Avilla

* Alan Bay

* Dr. Hanes H. Brindley Rick Campa Walter Carver Stephen Couch Brien Dillon Charles Duoba Daniel Easley Frederick Elder Kenton Fickes Delton Foley MD Jack P. Gay Keith Graham, Jr. Fred Hamilton, Jr. William Hills, MD

Howard Itten Curt Johnson Greg Laubach Robert Lende Mark McCollum Wesley Nelson Rockne Onstad Robert Osborne Judy & Ron Presswood Steven A. Raben Cyndie & Jeff Schmitt Robert Shoemaker Jay Symcox Billy Trimble Jim Vynalek M. Williams


A sincere apology is offered in advance to my errors and omissions in this best to identify all Century club contributions from our database J.S.


G.R.Chapter Conducts the First Stocking and River Cleanup

The Chapter conducted its first trout stocking activity on Saturday morning November 19. The special Saturday event provided for a great turnout, with an estimated 40‑50 people in attendance.

The Cbapter conducted one its largest ever stockings. 7 sites along the river from just upstream of the bridge at Maricopa Lodge to a couple of miles downstream of the bridge at Beans Camp were stocked. A total of approximately 1,500 rainbow trout and 1,000 brown trout were stocked. The rainbow trout averaged 14" ‑ 16", with a few in the 18" to 20" range stocked at each location for some real excitement. Most of the brown trout were in the 10"‑12" range.


In addition to the stocking event, the Chapter was able to make a significant dent in the cans that were littering the streambeds at our access sites. Members divided up into groups, with each group concentrating its efforts at one of the access sites until the stocking truck arrived. Several pickup loads of trash were removed from the streambed over the course of the day.

All and all this was one of the Chapters most successful events. The special Saturday scheduling allowed many people to participate for the first time. The good turnout and the team effort on the trash pickup allowed the Chapter to make a significant contribution to the quality of the river. Many thanks go out to all that participated. I hope you have been amply rewarded with a tag on your line for your efforts.



Food Service at Meetings

The good news is our Chapter is growing! Attendance at the last meeting was over 80 people, an all time high.

Along with this good news comes the growing pains associated with a Chapter that is drawing more and more interest all of the time. What started several years ago as a gathering of 15‑20 people at Jim Vynalek's house, has grown to a major quarterly event. Margaret Johnson and her staff of volunteers, who have capably coordinated our Food Service for years, just can't keep up with food for 80!


So, from here on, we are going to make arrangements to have the meetings catered. Tentative plans for the January meeting are to have Mr. Posey provide BBQ sandwiches, beans, chips and tea. The estimated cost is about $5 per head, so we'll need your lunch donations to offset our cost. And, for those of you who wish to enhance the meal, we can always use donations of additional trimmings, wine or deserts.

YUMMMMM I can't wait.



Guadalupe River Loses State Trout

It was not good news for Texas trout fisheries this year. Federal trout rearing programs that had been providing Texas Parks and Wildlife with the trout they use in their put‑and‑take stocking programs suddenly found their budgets cut back. As a result, the excess fish that were being provided to TP&W's trout programs were cut off. The only trout being stocked by TP&W this year are those that are purchased by TP&W from the funds raised by the trout stamp program. What this means is, much less trout in Texas this year.


The Guadalupe River tailrace was effected less by this cutoff of federal trout than were most Texas

trout stocking location. However, it was still a significant cut. Last year TP&W stocked 22,500 rainbow trout into the Guadalupe River. This year that has been cut back to just over 13,000 fish. That's a loss of over 40% of the fish previously stocked.


This could have major implications for our river. Trout fishing on the Guadalupe River has gained in popularity the past several years. Suddenly, we're going to have more and more anglers fishing for less and less fish. The fish that The Chapter stocks are going to come under more pressure from non‑members who have trouble catching fish in the put‑and‑take sections. Education of all member and non‑member anglers on the Guadalupe River is going to take on an even greater importance. We must get more anglers to practice catch and release tactics if we want to have fish to go around for everyone.



River Study Proposal and Embrace‑A‑Stream

Application .......

Let me start this article by saying this to Alan Bray : Thank you, thank you, thank you. On behalf of anybody who ever has or ever will fish the Guadalupe River, rather they know they owe you this or not; Thank You!

So, what's this all about? Back in October, Alan and I met with representatives of Texas Parks and Wildlife (TP&W) and the Aquatic Biology Department at Southwest Texas State University (SWTSU). The purpose of our meeting was to discuss the feasibility of the Chapter funding studies on the suitability of the Guadalupe River as trout habitat and on the installation of trout fisheries in the Southern US. This meeting resulted in Alan volunteering to put together a background report and research proposal for just such a study. This proposal was to give guidance to SWTSU on what we specifically wanted to study and to submit to Trout Unlimited National for possible funding under their Embrace‑A‑Stream (EAS) program.


Based on Alan's preliminary work, the Chapter agreed to provide $1,500 in funding from its' Research Reserves to fund a SWTSU student research project that would get this work started. Then, Alan went to work on the comprehensive proposal. What has resulted is one of the most comprehensive background reports and detailed accounting of the challenges facing the

Guadalupe River trout fishery ever assembled. Alan, who prepares technical research proposals for a living, has prepared for the Chapter a proposal that is sure to well represent our interests, as we compete for the limited funding

TU Natl has to offer for development of coldwater fisheries.


Why do we need to study our river? While Alan's proposal goes into this in great detail, I'll try to summarize a few of the high points here. First, the Chapter spends $10,000 to $15,000 every year stocking fish in the Guadalupe. The magnitude of this investment, year after year, makes it quickly apparent while the expenditure of a few thousand dollars making sure we are investing this money in a way that yields the highest probability of success make sense. But, haven't there been studies on this subject done in the past? Yes, there were a number of studies done in the 70's and early 80's. However, in the late 1980's a number of changes were made in the flow from the Canyon Dam that have changed conditions significantly. These changes may have Significantly improved trout habitat over that observed in studies done over 20 years ago. This may explain why we are, for the first time, seeing signs of possible natural trout reproduction in our fishery. Also, other southern tailrace fisheries

have been developed with great success since these early studies. New studies would of the techniques used to develop these fisheries would bring our programs up to date with the current state‑of‑the‑art in tailrace fishery development. These, along with many other factors, add up to the need to initiate additional scientific studies of our fishery in order to determine the best strategies for its further development.


Will we get the funding we need to complete this research project from the EAS grant program? We won't know until February. While I'm confident we'll have one of the best technical proposals on the table, we have to be realistic and realize that we will be up against rivers with names that are much better know than our own. Regardless whether TU Natl decides to fund us on this program, this is work that needs to be done for the future of the Guadalupe River trout fishery. The Chapter has already demonstrated its commitment to carry out the project by funding the initial $1,500 of the study.

This funding has almost exhausted our Research Fund reserves. Even if we win the EAS funding, it will be conditional on our raising matching funds for the project. So, we need your interest and support.