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Notice of Annual Meeting & Newsletter Saturday April 22,1995


PLACE: St Thomas Church Activity Center adjacent to the church This is just below Canyon Dam on South Access Road Sattler, Texas.

TIME: 10:00 am ‑ Registration and socializing Coffee, Tea, Etc. 10:30 to 11:00 ‑ Meeting Business RAFFLE: Loomis Fly‑rod See raffle sheet PROGRAM: 11:00 ‑ 1:00 ± & after lunch

Catered (Optional) Posey's famous hill country barbecue. Please tell us when signing in if you plan to eat

Director's Meeting Following


At The January Meeting:

More new faces and nearly a full house. Posey'sBarbecue was a big hit com lemented by Marian Tilson's famous Sab Antonio style potato  salad. Some donated cookies and several o es of contributed wine rounded out our first catered meal. We missed the hard working volunteer arrangement but our group has grown too e for the ladies to cope with Thanks to Margeret Johnson, Betsy Story Marian Tilson, Helen Bird, Nina West and all those others who had volunteered and worked over the past years.


The custom Rodmaker's fly rod raffle certificate was won by Eric Jakimier who was not able to attend the meeting The door raffle of the in stery bag which contained "everything you needed to catch fish on The Guadalupe" was won by Doug Kierklewski. The items consisted of all the baits, flies, hooks, leaders, bobbers, etc. that were caught on the wires the Chapter removed from crossing the river at L & L campgrounds. The genuine hand‑tied Irving O'Neal custom flies were Claimed by noted editor and publisher Bob Tuttle.


Harry Lane from San Juan Troutfitters conducted the program beginning with a slide presentation of fishing on the San Juan River in the 4 comers area of New Mexico followed by an on‑stream demonstration of fl casting methods, tips, and tricks guaranteed to catch fish. This portion of the program was conducted on Lower Bean's area of Th uadalupe

River. Excellent weather with decent river flow and some wind. Some of ou. missed another eat program.


About Our April Program:

Another fly‑fishing program! This is the one that was scheduled for last October but was postponed. Irving O'Neal, our program director, has lined up Joe Robinson an interna onally known writer, head instructor for several fishing schools, noted fly‑tier, and Austin resident. Many Of you remember his presentation from several years back. When not traveling from Belize to Labrador, Joe can be found at The Aus in Angler.


This Program am is directed towards those that are new to fly‑fishing. Bring our rod reel, fine, and a hookless fly for practice. Seasoned casters will bring up valuable tips but leave the actual practice to those that need it and maybe give Joe a helping hand. It will be another 2’er, beginning before lunch and after lunch. Casting lessons and much more. Lunch will circa 1 pm instead of noon.


Desserts Needed!!

The meeting lunch is catered BBQ by Posey's. This will cost the chapter $5 per person lease contribute to the food kitty to offset our costs. We could use more desserts than we got last meeting. Only two desserts showed up for our people.

Help us cap off a great BBQ meal by bringing your favorite dessert to the membership.


River Maps are Here!

 At our last meeting, I brought a set of maps of the Guadalupe River, a big map from the dam downstream to the 2' crossing, and blow‑ups of all GR/TU lease properties. These maps were prepared by Billy Trimble, a supporting Chapter member who owns a surveying company. The interest of members in these maps was so keen that we had Billy  produce 9 sets of maps for member purchase. The cost is $25.00 per set, first come,  erved at the  April meeting This is a good deal and they are valuable information to fishermen and river watchers ... get them before they're gone!

Alan Bray


Summer Temperature Data Needed

Our biggest research data emblem is the lack of water temperature data for ge Guadalupe River below Beans Camp. The Corps of Engineers provides temperatures at the dam and we are desperately trying to get  temperatures in New Braunfels from the water Texas Development Board, but we desperately need temperature data in the 2nd and 1st crossing areas in  them months of June to October . Earlier (1970s data) surveys by the state indicate trout could survive up to 10 – 15 miles below the dam, but changes in the dam and its operation have occured and we are uncertain how far the range now extends.


Volunteers who can record water temperatures at BK, the 2nd Crossing, and points downstream to the 1st crossing are needed.


Currently BK seems to be running 2 ‑ 3 degrees Fahrenheit colder than the Kanz lease, but this co the summer and we need this data stocking priorities and strategies. There are a number of landowners in this section of the river who have shown an interest in joining our lease access program, but we need these temperature data before we commit to leases. All that is required is a stream thermometer and a notebook to record time and temp. We are also planning to install Max/Min thermometers at a number of sites, and volunteers to read these and check on them are also needed.

Alan Bray



The Chapter is putting together a standard slide show presentation on the Guadalupe   River, the history and Activities of our chapter. We need member photos of Guadalupe River trout, the river, stocking events or other interesting chapter related subjects. If you have photos to contribute to this project please have a 35mm slide copy (we need slides not

prints) made for the chapter and either give them to Ron Presswood at the meeting or mail them to him at the address shown on the Donation Allocation Sheet.


Good News from Bean's

Effective April 1995, there will not be a fee for current access lease card holders at both upper & lower Camp Bean. You must be wearing the lease card and have the parking permit displayed prominently in your vehicle. Guests must have a guest card otherwise payment will be ex pected for upper area only. The Chapter has made a a lease arrangement with Mr. Preusser. Additional lease sites are being explored at this time. Alan Bray


The Chapter honors the following distinguished members with an Honorary Life Membership some awarded posthumously. This honor is reserved fro commendary recognition individuals whose personal service contributions to the Chapter are deemed to have had significant impact and otherwise were outstanding.

James Keeton

Bill Pabst J.

Bill Parvin

Glenn Richardson

Chad Oliver

Honorary Members  Lt. Col. Paul Schubauer 

Hazel Schubauer 

Tom Whitehouse 

Bill Cobb 

Howard Itten


Bits & Pieces...

There was a recent article in the Austin American Statesman that reported about a 32 pound striped bass that was caught in Lake Castaic in California. This particular fish‑had 3 fourteen inch rainbow trout in its stomach. In addition the trout were attached to a stringer!


It was not known whether the striper de‑fished the angler or inhaled the stringer as it sink.

There are some humongous stripers  in the Guadalupe. TP&W people have seen them during their electro‑shocking surveys. When not trouting, you might stalk one of these monsters,  take some home for a snack or, put them  in Canyon Lake above the dam. Hybrids. Don't even think of putting them b the river. A fisherman on The Brazos river below Possum Kingdom dam caught a 46.78 pound striped bass using a 14 inch rainbow trout as bait. TP&W checking out this record catch discovered the trout with hook attached in the fish's stomach. The fisherman was fined $1,500 and the fish will not be listed as a record

tackle might stalk one tackle and either take inclined release the from whence they originally came. Protect our Trout


 The Chapter has made 4 Colorado Rainbow and Brown Trout stocking kin this 94/95 season. The volunteer turnout has been excellent. Several miles of River Road were cleaned of trash. The wires over the Guadalupe at L. & L. Camp ground have been removed. One was missed but it does not pose a hazard to the caster. At low water it could easily be released from the L&L side and then wound around a tree on the other bank.


There is great deal of important information and discussion in this newsletter, when you have digested all that it contains and are ready for more ... please review that which is printed on you lease permits.


Where they are....

Chapter members from around the state:

Amarillo 18

Austin area 174 Beaumont area 11 Bryan/Brenham are 18 Corpus Christi/Valley 38 Dallas/Fort Worth 15 El Paso 38 Houston area: 333 Lubbock 17 Midland/Odessa/Abilene 38 Pleasanton 1 San Angelo 8 San Antonio & vicinity 272 Victoria 5 Waco/Temple area 19

There are many others in various communities but only the larger concentrations have been listed. e big news about our Chapter is that we are now the LARGEST Trout Unlimited Chapter in the U.S. We had been for many years the 2nd largest chapter. We’re now #1 


GR/TU Research Notes/Progress

The chapter began supporting a research project at Southwest Texas State University (SWTSU) in late 1994. The basic goals of the project are embodied in the Embrace‑a‑Stream proposal the cha ter submitted to TU National in December '94. Unfortunately   we did not win the Embrace‑a‑Stream award but we are committed to trying next year. In the interim

GRTU will continue funding stream research through donations, and we encourage those members who can make a research contribution to continue supporting the project The overall goals of the project include:

1. Survey the Guadalupe River below Canyon dam for trout and insect habitability. In particular identify sections with suitable trout and insect habitat.

2. Examine the trout food chain in the river and determine capacity and potential for both holdover and reproducing trout populations.

3. Review fisheries management methods for Southern tier tailwater trout fisheries for applicability to the Guadalupe River.

4. Prepare guidance for trout habitat enhancement and management 'in the river, including optimal locations for restrictive angling regulations and stocking of adult, egg and fingerling trout.

As a result of losing the Embrace‑a‑Stream proposal the project won't be completed as quickly, but will paced by our research fund contributions.

At a meeting with SWTSU attended by Jeff Schmitt, Steve Magnelia of TP&W, Dr. Tom Arsuffi of the biology

Aquatic-biology department, and Karen Quinonez, a student in the department; the following items were outlined as initial efforts for beginning the project:

1. Autopsies of fingerlings which were spawned in the river and captured during electro‑shocking will be conducted to determine growth rates and dietary preferences for young Guadalupe stream born trout.

2. A literature search will be conducted to determine habitat assessment methods to support the stream survey identifying for high priority stocking and areas capable of supporting spawning.

Questions the literature search will be trying to answer include such items as what stocking approach will yield the best trout population enhancement? Have there been successful program in other Southern tailwaters which have been successful? Is there data on the success or failure of angling restrictions in similar waters? Ms. Quinonez will lore conducting the work under Dr. Arsuffi's direction. Some of you may have met her at the February 25 stocking ‑she identified 4 species of Caddis, 2 mayfly species, and a number of small gray leeches at BK between carrying buckets of Colorado Trout! 

Alan Bray



This April marks the end of my 2 year term as Chapter President. My, how time flies when your having fun! It's hard to be talking about the end of my term, when I still feel like the work has just begun. However, this passing of leadership has caused me to reflect on what has occurred in the Chapter over these past 2 years.


First, it's hard to ignore what has happened with Chapter growth. After receiving recognition from Nat TU in 1993 for being

 the fastest growing chapter in the country we quickly grew Guadalupe River TU to the largest membership of any TU chapter

 in the  U.S. Participation in our lease access program has grown at over 25% er year. It seems like a new attendance record is set at most every membership meeting. While this tremendous growth it is sometimes been evident in our struggle at the Board level to keep up with the organizational considerations of such a club, it has also expanded the capability of the Chapter to address its objectives.

As I started my term as Chapter President, I wrote and spoke on numerous occasions about the need, as a Trout Unlimited Chapter, to be more than just a fishing club Two years later, I'm pleased to report on a number of accomplishments that move us in that direction. A cooperative working relationship with TP&W has resulted in the completion of studies that, for the first time, document the potential of our trout fishery. This has created momentum that should soon result in regulation changes that will be fundamental to long term development of the resource. The Chapter has funded a university research program that will provide us with the scientific information we need ‑to improve the results we get from our stocking programs. A number of instream projects were accomplished during each of our stocking events, gaining the attention of the local community and an appreciation for our efforts. Clearly, we have made progress in our charge as a conservation organization.


And, at the same time we've made this progress as conservation organization, we've managed to improve our fishing too. Membership growth has allowed us to stock record numbers of fish the last several years. We added more new property to our lease access program  than has been added any time in recent Chapter history. Saturday stocking dates have

 allowed many. more members to participate in a Chapter activity that helps them learn Where and how to fish. The quality of our meeting speakers seems to be getting better all of the time. hardto be "done' when it seems like so much is about to

 happen. The fact is I don't expect to ever be done working with the Chapter towards its objectives for this fishery. But, it is time for a transition in leadership for the Chapter and a change in direction  for my life. The end of my term as Chapter President comes a new times for us.


Cyndie’s beginning of an  exciting dececision time for us more time to our passion for flyfishing, travel and the outdoors. We hive decided to set aside our careers for a couple of years for a "mid‑life" break‑ Our plans for the next couple years include full‑time travel across the US our trailer, allowing us to explore a variety of flyfishing opportunities and the people that go with them.


While Cyndie and I won't be around to run the ongoing ac activities of the Chapter, we won't be away from the Guadalupe all of the time. In fact, we'd be hard pressed to find a better place to spend our time during the winter months than floating and fishing the Guadalupe. So, you'll probably see us on the river quite a bit next year. When we're in the area, I plan to continue to work on projects that further the chapter and I plan to be active in the Chapter for years to come.


Ending term as Chapter President comes much easier with the  knowledge that I leave it with another leader with vision. Alan Bray, currently our Vice President, has volunteered to take the position of Chapter President. Alan's had a great eat year for chapter service. He has been persona l responsible or our acquisition of new land, the launching of the SWTSU research project, the submission of an Embrace‑A‑Stream proposal and the direction of our stocking program. His leadership abilities have been proven his‑ success in leading a business. I expect a lot to happen under Alan's leadership so I rest easy. The river, and this Chapter, are in good hands.


So thank you all for working with Cyndie and me So, I past two years. We wig you all a drag free drifts, rising fish, tight lines and many fine releases. Jeff



We've had an exciting development on the Guadalupe River this winter! You may have already read or heard about it elsewhere, but there is a lot more to this story than meets the eye. First, the details. We had a new state record rainbow trout caught below Horseshoe Falls. It weighed 7.77 lbs  25" 'in length and was caught by Ludwick of Canyon Lake.

but, there is much more to this story than just this. The fish was full of e s, about 1.25 pounds of them! Rather this fish was really going to go through the full process of successfully spawning or not, we'll never know But, we do know that this fish lived a long time and that the river was in good enough shape tocause it to go through the motions of spawning. We know from our fish marking progrms over the past several years that this fish must have lived over at least 2 summer seasons in the river. All of this is good news for our river and our fishes


You now must know from all of this information that the fish was killed. You may also know from the article in the San Antonio newspaper that this fish was caught on bait (a worm to be specific). So, we all must now be thinking that "Bubba the Baitfisherman" has lucked into this trout. His first instinct was to kill the fish and eat it for dinner. Well  not exactly.

 A couple of weeks after this event I got a call from Rex Ludwick and he has quite a story to tell. Rex is a former member of Willie Nelson's band and has been a sport fisherman for many years. He has flyfished, spinfished and yes, even bait fished, all over the world. So, what's this great sportsman doing baitfishing for trout on the Guadalupe? Well, the way Rex explains it is this. The night before he'd been down on the river spinfishing and hooked into one of the striped bass we all know are lurking about in the river. In fact, that striper was kind of fun to hook up, so Rex thou t he would go after another one the

next night. Knowing that one of the best ways to go after a striper is with a perch, Rex rigged up his ultra‑ lite with a worm to catch some bait. With the spinning rod he's got a 7 pouund plus trout


Pulling on his 4 pound test line an has quite a fight on his hands. His experience as a fisherman told him he had something special on his hands when he lands it. It's got a hook deep in its gills, he knows it may be a state record and can tell it is a female about to spawn. A trout, split‑second decision for any of us. Rex's call was t this big fish was probably not going to make it. Plus, the press this fish might get might do more good for the river and our trout fishery than would the slim chance that it might survive to spawn or be caught lit again, if he released it. So, the next thing he knows he's off to the local taxidermist, TP&W is being contacted and a new state record is on the books.


Rex called not only to tell me his story but to tell me he wanted to share this experience with our TU Chapter. Rex will be joining the Chapter soon and has offered to bring the fish to the next meeting so we all can see it. He wants us to know that he very much sup orts our efforts and is an avid catch‑and‑release angler. So, in spite of whatever impression we may have gotten of Rex from the media coverage, he is not "Bubba the Baitfisherman", he's the newest member of our Chapter and a spokesman for our fishery. Welcome aboard Rex!




With the rapid growth in participation in our lease access program this year, it is becoming much harder to keep track of who belongs on the leases and who does not. That's why we have lease access passes and parking permits The private land‑owners who agree (o work with us, on very favorable terms, require us to positively identify ourselves when we are on their land. Our lease agreements require us wear our brightly colored lease access passes in a very visible location on our bodies an& to keep our parking permits displayed in the windows of our cars. This makes it easy for the landowner to know that we are authorized to be on their property. Please remember to use both your lease access permit and parking permit in the way that it is intended.


Also, do not take any guests unless you have first obtained a guest card for each one from our treasurer. They can Se purchased any time in advance.



For those of you who are new to the Chapter and haven't been told about the availability of guest passes, we do have these available. These are the solution to the dilemma of taking a non‑member with you to sample the trout fishing on the Guadalupe without violating our Chapter rules or trespassing on private property. Guest passes sale for $10 each. They are good for one guest for one day only you write in the date when you use it) and can only be used by non‑members who are accompanied on

stream by a lease card holding chapter member. All Chapter rules and policies apply to guests.


Century Club Members 1994‑5

The Guadalupe River Chapter of Trout Unlimited honors our Century Club Members. The following have made cash contributions of $50 or more, in addition to  membership donations and lease access costs.

Robert Arthur

Anthony R. Avilla

Alan Bray

Dr. Hanes H. Brindley

Rick Camps

Walter Carver

Stephen Couch

Brien Dillon

Charles Duoba

Daniel Easley

Frederick Elder

Kenton Fickes

Delton Foley, MD

Jack P. Gay

Keith Graham, Jr

Fred Hamilton, Jr.

William Hills, MD

Howard Itten

Curt Johnson

Greg Laubach

Robert Lende

Mark McCollum

Wesley Nelson

Rockne Onstad

Robert Osborne

Judy & Ron Presswood

Steven A. Raben

Cyndie & Jeff Schmitt

Jay Symcox

Billy Trimble