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October 1992 Notice of Annual Fall Meeting & Newsletter



PLACE: St. Thomas Church Activity Center adjacent to the church [Just below Canyon Dam on River Road] ‑Sattler, Texas. TIME: 10.00 AM ‑ Registration & Socializing

10:30 to 11:00 ‑ Meeting Business

Raffle of SAGE 4 PIECE FLY ROD (See Raffle Insert Sheet) 

Program 11:00 ‑ 12:00 ±

LUNCH:(optional) 12:30 ‑ Barbecue Du Jour, Various Salads, Ranch Beans, Chips, Bread, Relish, possibly some unusual desserts and maybe a choice of wines. Delicacies gladly accepted! Margaret Ann, Helen, Betsy et al are to be congratulated for their participation. Don't forget to feed the "kitty" on your way through the line.



THE PROGRAM  Irving O'Neal, our program director, has planned another Silent Auction, this one with a new twist. Along with donated items that benefit the Chapter, you have the option of selling items for your own benefit with a 20% commission going to the chapter. You get 80% of the proceeds. Bring your fishing related gear, sporting equipment, and just about anything appropriate. Fill the tables with items you no longer need and take home items of great value. Start gathering the plunder now! Be sure to bring small denomination $$ as we have run out of change at previous auctions.


Erik Bataille our current Kingfish, had lined up Steve Magnelia from Texas Parks & Wildlife to explain the great new trout program that has just been approved but that has been postponed until our January 23rd meeting when Dave Terre will join him to address our group.


Jim "The Traveler" Vynalek has promised to show color slides from some of his most memorable fishing trips.

This will be a 2 star program ... don't miss this one!



Time once again for voluntary Chapter dues and Lease Permit cards. Included are the forms for dues and the lease permit applications

Remember .... your membership in National Trout Unlimited governs your participation in Chapter activities. Keep, your TU membership current. As usual the number of Lease Permits is limited,, first come first served. Only Permit holders will be advised of trout stockings, available leases, and other information that will not appear in the newsletter.


In order not to overwhelm our Secretary/Treasurer at the meeting when paying dues or buying raffle tickets, please bring smaller denominations and be sure to keep National dues separate from other payments. Checks will be accepted. Better yet, mail in your payments.



The weather was cool, cloudy and delightful. Joe Robinson held his casting clinic out under a few trees on the Church's parking lot. Joe kept the smaller than expected group's attention riveted for over an hour and a half. Dining and between dazzling casts he kept up a running commentary of fishing tips and observations. This was a world class program. Unfortunately there were some previous commitment conflicts that kept many members from attending. Hopefully we will be able to have Joe back at another meeting.


The raffle of the 4 piece Sage travel rod outfit was won by Past President Howard Itten who has in the past donated many items to the Chapter.


At the director's meeting it was decided to present 3 picnic tables to St. Thomas Church in memory of former Chapter members.



A new TU chapter, The Brazos River Chapter, has been chartered in north Texas to better serve the Dallas/Fort Worth area members of Trout Unlimited. "Headquarters" will be in Azle, midway between the two cities.

Officers of the new Chapter are: President‑ David Hurdle, Vice President‑ Perry Corder, and Secretary/ Treasurer­Adele Hooks. Directors: John Erdtman, Fred Clingerman, David Vanderwerken, Jerry Ward, Bob Andrews, and Jerry Cargill.

As suggested by its name, the primaary goal of the new chapter will be to help improve the Brazos River trailrace trout fishery below Possum Kingdom Lake. TU members in north Texas who are interested in affiliating with this new chapter should contact:

Dave Hurdle

PO BOX 1201

AZLE, TEXAS 76098 (817) 925‑5759

At this time, Chapter meetings are scheduled for

November and February. Exact dates and places will be forthcoming.



Anyone who saw the September 7, 1992 front page Statesman beheld a bittersweet picture of our beloved Guadalupe River. The photo shows a kayaker paddling down river amongst the tall trees. The water looks crystal clear. The sad fact of the photograph is that the foreground is littered with leer cans and other debris. This article describing incredible litter drunkenness, nudity, obscenitv and unmentionable acts was shocking to those of us who mainly frequent the river during the fall, winter and spring. Folks, this is a shame. I don't know what we as TU'ers can do about the rowdiness and trespassing of some of those who frequent the river in the summer. I can ask, however, that each of our members carry a plastic trash bag along with them on their visits to the river.


If one of us would spend just a few minutes each fishing tri on the river picking up some cans and other trash, we can make a large contribution to the cleanup of the river. I know that many of you have and do spend time cleaning up our leases and I applaud you for your efforts.


We need also to respect private property along the river.


On a more positive note, it looks as though the "monsoons" have subsided and we can put some more fish back in the river.

Last year we decided to stock earlier in November. Stocking in November proved to be such a good idea that we will probably consider it again this year.


Texas Parks & Wildlife biologists Steve Magnelia and Mike Costello (who spoke at our January meeting) have had their three year study proposal of the Guadalupe River approved! Steve is Zted to speak at the upcoming meeting about what TU members can do to help and TP&W's ultimate goal to create a "Trophy" fishery. Rather than disclose more and spoil his presentation, I urge you to come to the meeting and hear what he has to say.


In the meantime, let us all do our part and release those trout we catch. Especially the ones over 16 inches.

I would like to welcome The Brazos River Chapter of Trout Unlimited to our ranks! (See earlier article for particulars),

am looking forward to the 1992‑93 season. Volunteers are needed to help with the various committees and projects. I will be contacting many of you for help. If you wish to volunteer now, please contact me Erik Bataille at (512) 250‑9194. Let us all make this the best year ever ‑‑‑ Good Fishing!



Robert Redford's screen adaptation of Norman Maclean's book "A River Runs Through IV' is scheduled to be released in October. The book which became a best seller by word of mouth from one fly fisherman to another, is set in western Montana on The Big Blackfoot River and recaptures many fond fishing memories of the author.


Montana members of TU played significant roles as advisors and consultants during the production of the film. As a result, the production company is offering TU Chapters an opportunity to conduct fund raising benefits in conjunction with the release of the movie.



Texas Parks & Wildlife Department fisheries biologist Steve Magnelia recently informed the Texas Chapter TU that a research proposal involving, among other things, a fish census ‑for the Canyon Lake tailrace- has been approved. While unusually high water has delayed the project, however, it will begin the first week in October and include other weekly samplings.

 Texas Chapter members may be called upon to assist in the project.


The project is designed to: 1) determine oversurnmer survival of rainbown and  brown trout in

the Canyon Reservoir tailrace and 2) develop baseline i.e, growth, length frequency data on the Canyon tailrace trout population. (Along with other highly beneficial information, this can be helpful with the Chapter's egg‑hatching project.) .


The proposal involved extensive preliminary research and documentation by Steve Magnelia and Mike Costello, Fisheries Biologists in San Marcos and Mathis, respectively. Their efforts and proposal were approved by Phil Durocher, Chief Inland Fisheries, TP&WD. Principal investigators on the project would be Dave Terre, Fisheries Biologist San Marcos, as well as Costello and Magnelia, all of whom have extensive backgrounds in trout fisheries.


Both Magnelia and Costello feel that if adequate numbers of trout can avoid initial post‑stocking harvest and survive through the summer, a more diverse fishery might be developed through changes in management strategy. This might include restrictive angler regulations on part of the tailrace or stocking specialized trout strains.


Their proposal noted that there are two methods of electrofishing used in fish census research: PulsedDC or Continuous‑DC. Pulsed is used extensively to sample stream trout populations. However, recent high water has delayed begin the first week in weekly samplings. called upon to assist in the project.


However, recent studies indicate that pulsed‑DC current may cause serious spinal injuries in large (over 14") rainbow trout. New electrofishing technolo nay minimize these injuries. However, this technology has not been extensively tested and may induce equally serious hemorrhage or spinal injuries. The consequences of these injuries to trout are unknown. Continiuous‑DC electrofishing has been used without any deleterious effects to trout.


Costello and Magnelia's proposal also noted that while oversummer survival and growth of trout in the tailrace have been documented, quantitative estimates of oversummer survival and recent estimates of growth are unavailable. This information would aid in further developing the trout fishery. If growth and survival are adequate, a trophy trout fishery might be developed on a section of the tailrace through the use of restrictive length limit.



about the trash buildup on the Guadalupe River stated a recent article in The Austin American Statesman. TV news even carried shots of the river. Several TU members have also reported that the Lease area was a real mess. Cans, bottles,

Styrofoam, wearing apparel, paper, sun glasses, etc. all over the ba river bottom. sun glasses to be primarily created by tubers, boaters, rafters, and picnickers travelling down the river. Even though they are on private property it makes no difference to the heedless. Drastic actions by the community could even effect our group. We should state our stand against these actions and offer some kind of help to community leaders.


WORD(Water Oriented Recreational District) of Comal County has been doing their best by contacting the outfitters and suppliers to the river riders and by promoting cleanups and furnishing receptacles for the trash butt even with those efforts the problem remains. WORD has replaced the washed away wire containers with sturdy 4 footsquare boxes that were decorated by The Canyon Lake Art Guild. The boxes are being used and are overflowing after a weekend according to Jim Inman director of WORD. Inman also remarked that he could use an old fashioned snow shovel to aid him when he empties those trash containers. Any northern people in the area who could help him with this request.


As for our Leases, we might consider strongly worded signage along the banks stating that the land is private and landing is forbidden and perhaps string barbed wire along areas to further discourage landings. All of this of course with the owner's permission. Something to think about.


We should all do our part ... always carry our trash when leaving and even pickup litter that is already there. Maybe after one of our meetings, access permit holders might go down and police (cleanup) the area as we have done in the past.


Testament of a Fisherman

"I fish because I love to: because I love the environs where trout are found, which are invariably beautiful, and hate the environs where crowds of people are found, which are invariably ugly: because of all the television commercials, cocktail parties and assorted posturing I thus escape: because in a world where most men seem to spend their lives doing things they hate, my fishing is at once an endless source of delight and an act of small rebellion: because trout do not lie or cheat and cannot be bought or bribed or impressed by power, but respond only to quietude in and humility and endless patience: because suspect that men are going along this way for the last time, and I for one don t want to waste the trip because mercifully there are no telephones on trout waters: because only in the woods can I find solitude without loneliness: because bourbon out of an old tin cup always tastes better out there: because maybe one day I will catch a mermaid: and finally, not because I regard fishing as being so terribly important but because I suspect that so many of the other concerns of men are equally unimportant‑‑and not nearly so much fun."

By John Voelker AKA Robed Traver author of "Anatorny of Murder."



These are the most productive lures in The Guadalupe River, Texas (any comments?)


Red Fox Squirrel Nymph Blue Winged Olives

Picket Pin Elk Hair Caddis

Gold Ribbed Hare's Far Adams

Wooly Buggers

Caddis Pupa Imitations

Source: "A Fly Fisher's Guide to Rivers of The Texas Hill Country"  By: Bud Priddy & The Alamo Fly Fishers, San Antonio. Texas