TIME: Registration 9 -10: 00 AM

MEETING: 10:30 AM ‑ 11: 15 AM

Business Awards Raffle BREAK: 11: 15 AM ‑11:25 AM

PROGRAM: 11:25 AM ‑ 12:15 PM LUNCH 12:30 PM


The program will be a presentation by John H. Specht, General Manager ‑Guadalupe Blanco River Authority. Time permitting, there will be a question and answer period. We anticipate that his subject material will be of considerable interest to the membership,


Margaret Ann Johnson and Betsy Story will again set the menu for the luncheon with help and contributions from other ladies of the Auxiliary membership. All contributions of special dishes are encouraged and welcome. Thanks to Margaret Ann, Betsy and all of you who make our luncheons so very special! 1

We regretfully announce the passing of William Y, (Bill) Cobb after a long and courageous battle with cancer. Bill was a long time friend and supporter of Trout Unlimited and the Texas Chapter. He will be greatly missed by his many friends and associates. His widow, Judy, has requested that memorial gifts be made to the Texas Chapter, Trout Unlimited.



Voluntary dues donations are due by November 1st. The amount is $5.00 and, as a Supporting Member, you are assured of receiving the Newsletter, notices of meeting and other material for member distribution. It is also time to renew your Access Lease Permit if you are planning on participating in the recreational fishing provided our Supporting Members under this program. Donations are $25.00 and the permit will be valid from November 1 ‑ 1990 through October 31 ‑ 1991. You must be a Supporting Member and have made the current donation to voluntary dues in order to be issued an Access Lease Permit. A donation sheet is enclosed to be filled out and returned to the Secretary/Treasurer with your donations, ‑ Note: Some members have already prepaid the above donation(s) for the year beginning November 1st. If in doubt about your status, drop the Secretary/Treasurer a line or call.)



On September 8th, at the Awards Luncheon during Trout Unlimited's Annual Meeting, the Texas Chapter received this year's Membership Growth Award! CONGRATULATIONS to our Membership Committee Chairman and Committee Members!  We appreciate your time and energy devoted to our membership program. The award was accepted for the Chapter by Jim Vynalek who attended the meeting in Sunriver, Oregon.


The Directors, at their meeting March 24th, adopted a comprehensive now General Policy which replaces and supersedes previous existing policy. The new policy clarifies the relative status of "General" members vs "Supporting" members, installs spouses as "Auxiliary" members, provides for "Century Club" members and provides for the election of certain members, whose service to the Chapter has been outstanding, to "Honorary" membership. Terms and conditions of issuance of Access Lease Permits, receipt of notices and publications and general standards of member conduct are also covered. Copies of the General Policy and our By‑Laws are available through the Secretary/Treasurer at a nominal fee approximating reproduction and postage costs.


At their Meeting on July 14th, the Board elected seven individuals to Honorary Membership. They are: J. Bill Parvin, Deceased; Glenn Richardson, Deceased; James Keeton; Bill Pabst; Hazel Schubauer; Paul Schubauer and; Tom Whitehouse. Presentation of the awards will be a part of the Fall Meeting program on October 27th.


Our application to Trout Unlimited for an assistance grant to conduct a food chain study was unsuccessful. We have not given up on this important project. We were apparently near, or at the bottom, of the selection committee's priority rating. It appears that little credibility will be assigned to projects in Texas, not generally recognized as a trout habitat state. The Board, believing that we are basically on our own in our enhancement efforts in Texas, has postponed, indefinitely, Chapter contributions to the Brightwater Trust. Further, the Board has authorized the transfer of equivalent funds each year into a reserve for collecting funds to eventually enable the food chain study. Some of our members have made specific contributions for this purpose, as well. Unless otherwise directed by them, we will continue to hold such money in the reserve for this purpose. If you made a contribution to the food chain study and do not want it held in the reserve fund, you must instruct us as to the disposition thereof.



The Board has approved and authorized the expenditures for additional river access for members holding Access Lease Permits. Details will be printed on the permit. Since the arrangements and termination dates may be, or are, different with respect to each access, please read carefully before using a specific access. New this season, will be the requirement that you display a "Parking Permit" clearly visible on the dashboard of your vehicle while using any of the access property. The back of the Parking Permit will also have details relating to each access property. There will be combination locks on the entry to some of the properties, the combination is on the "Parking Permit"


The Board has approved $3000.00 for purchase of adult rainbow trout anticipated to be 12" to 14" fish. Delivery is scheduled for late January or early February. Also proposed is the purchase of brown trout eggs for incubation. Availability and price will determine the amount that may be spent for brown eggs and is subject to final Board authorization. REMEMBER, our stocking projects are subject to issuance of appropriate permits from state agencies, there is no absolute guarantee of such issuance.


We would like to make a noteworthy fishing report in this space, Sorry! Creel reports from the members were very few this past season. No get'em creel report cards ‑ no got'em information cards can be obtained from Sec./Treas. and at all meetings. Hope the coming season will find your creel information on file. However, we know that some fishing did take place and some fish were reported. There were 40+ rainbows in the 12‑13" class reported ‑ 2 really nice 20" rainbows ‑ 1 brown of 14" and one of 18". Several dozen of our small browns were reported well up into the spring and early summer with some Indication of growth. Quite a few small rainbows were reported in the 7" or smaller sizes indicating carryover and survival of incubator raised fry from 1989. We have no Indication as to the results from brown fry incubated last winter.



The Chapter is growing in membership, A most gratifying trend. With growth, there is also an expanded burden on the beneficial programs and projects that hold the interest and support of the membership. Likewise, growth increases requirements in the areas of administration, communication and financing. While projects and programs that indirectly benefit the membership may be the "glue" that attracts and binds, we must not lose sight of our primary environmental, preservation and enhancement objectives that justify our organization's existence. Increased membership means more volunteers are needed and there will be greater individual opportunity to impact the future of coldwater trout fisheries in Texas. If membership growth is to benefit the objectives of the Chapter, It must be directed toward recognition of the coldwater fishery potential that exists in Texas, At the present time, we are too locally based We need to be better organized statewide to achieve acceptance and recognition, politically and otherwise. Growth In membership should be accompanied by established representation in the principal cities in Texas. Ideally, now chapters organized under a state council system. In this format, Texas can become a meaningful voice within our parent Trout Unlimited, the general public and the governing agencies of the state. Who, among our members in principal cities and/or areas of the state, will step forward and organize the first new chapter? It only takes a few motivated members to start a chapter. We can provide the information and guidance to get it done!


Where do we stand in the effort to establish the public benefits of coldwater trout resource development within Texas? Literally, behind the "eight ball", a truly difficult shot. We have not impressed out parent Trout Unlimited with the potential in Texas, The Inland Fisheries Division of TPWD apparently believes only in "put and take" programs, There are no realistic state regulations that protect trout in our streams, reflecting the same "put 'em in, take 'em out or let am die" philosophy.


BUY TROUT STAMPS!! ... A large percentage of the trout you will be fishing for will be stocked by the Inland Fisheries Division of TPWD. Keep them coming!! Stocking information regarding state planting can be obtained by calling the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department's Inland Hatcheries Office in Austin ‑512‑389‑4860 or writing to them at ‑ 4200 Smith School Rd. ‑ Austin, Texas 78744. Ask for Texas Parks and Wildlife Expanded Trout Stocking Program with Schedules.