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GRTU Fly Tying Video Series – Carp-It Bomb by Matt Bennett

Tune in to see Matt Bennett, owner of Fly Geek Custom Flies, tie the Carp-It Bomb.

This fly began as an upsized-version of a simple marabou damsel for local carp, sunfish, and bass.  It’s evolved into a leggy. gnarly nymph with a ton of movement that will catch just about any species around.  Tied with Pat Cohen’s excellent Carp Dub, this will pass for a larger nymph or smaller crawfish with ease.  Not just for carp, the chrome-legged versions have become a popular small water bass fly as well!

Hook: Ahrex HR430 #2-8
Thread: Veevus Power Thread 140, Chartreuse
Eyes: Hareline Bead Chain Large, Black
Tail: Hareline Marabou, Olive Brown
Legs: Hareline Grizzly Flutter Legs, Barred Root Beer
Dubbing: Cohen’s Carp Dub, Olive Bar
Wing: Hareline Marabou, Olive Brown
Overwing: Cohen’s Carp Dub, Olive Bar, twisted
Uv Resin – Loon – Flow Fluorescent Uv Resin

Video: Dustin Scott – GRTU VP – Membership

Music: Dan C Holloway – The Wind Cries Mary – Jimi Hendrix – Fingerstyle Guitar

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