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GRTU Conservation Update – Ron McNamara

River Clean Up

Despite a very poor (but ultimately inaccurate) weather forecast, we forged ahead and held our Spring River Cleanup on April 21st to coincide with Earth Day on April 22nd. Thanks to everyone that participated to help keep the Guadalupe River clean. For this event, we partnered with the Keep Texas Beautiful program (see and will be linking up with other organizations to promote cleanups, conservation efforts and youth education in the near future. Please note, the Fall River Cleanup is scheduled for Saturday, September 15th at Rio Raft, so please put that on your calendar.

We are also working to allow youth to receive Community Service hours for time spent on cleanups and other conservation opportunities.

River Temperature Readings

We are currently working to address some issues with the temperature readings on We have re-subscribed to receive data from water temperature sensors at the following locations along the river:

  • Mile 1.3
  • Mile 2.9
  • Mile 5.2
  • Mile 7.4
  • Mile 9.6

We have been receiving data from the sensors at Mile 1.3, 2.9 and 9.6 for the past two weeks but there have been problems with the data feeds from the other two sensors so we are working with the data service provider to get those fixed as soon as possible.

Summer Weather Conditions

Current hydrological conditions at Canyon Lake are within the normal range and the 3-month outlook for precipitation from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration calls for normal rainfall over the summer.

Conservation Plan

Finally, a Draft Conservation Plan is targeted to be on the website by mid-July and we look forward to your comments and recommendations.

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