It's all about getting wet Again

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Jimbo Roberts
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It's all about getting wet Again

Post by Jimbo Roberts » Tue Aug 26, 2014 3:38 pm

It's been about about 1 month since my return from the Rockies. I have immersed myself back into work and the day to day duties that are required by this world. I finished writing my Cutthroat stories and when I had some free time I've been researching those little blue lines high in the mountains as a diversion from this oppressive Texas heat. As of Monday San Antonio has had 9 straight days of 101 degrees or higher. I have been waiting for a mid-90's day to do some fishing, but today I can wait no longer.

I had planned to get up early and get to the river real early. Once again the unavoidable real world stepped in. It would be 11am before I could leave the house. I would be fishing in the hottest part of the day and what ended up being one of the hottest days of the year so far. I would be on the middle Guadalupe. Where you say ?..... Follow the clues.....

I drove up IH10, jumped onto one of the back roads, crossed this creek....
Turned onto an even smaller back road.....
Drove on to another crossing where you can look down on a little piece of nirvana.....

I parked the truck and as soon as I opened the door the heat wave hit me.
Whoa..... I immediately broke out in a James Brown sweat. Droplets beading up on my forehead. It was a little after noon and already 97 on the thermometer and climbing. The time it took to pull on my wading boots and string up my rod, sweat was already soaking the headband of my hat. I filled up my camelback with water and took a long last swig of cold gatorade from the cooler before slinging on my vest and heading down to the river.
Walking on down the path that led to the river, a tribe of ants was using that same path as a super highway. A seven stripe lizard was also on the path having those ants for lunch. Grasshoppers were jumping about everywhere with every step.... large ones, small ones, green ones and yellowish brown ones. That is something I was happy to see. I wanted to fish on top and here, and everywhere I looked there was exactly what I would be imitating. Good sign!

At least I would be in the shade of the huge Cypress trees lining the river's edge most of the time while fishing.
Here is the ever changing river bottom that is the Guadalupe Valley. Each year there are changes.
Another new pile of driftwood piled up along the bank, evidence of a recent flood even during these times of drought.....
The river was low, but still flowing. The USGS gage said about 15cfs. I tied on one of my foam hoppers and began to plop it down in the shade next to the banks. Most are short little casts under the brush that drapes over the water. It's fun and a challenge, to get that fly to roll out way back in there just inches from the bank, with so little space from such encumbrances.
And when it does go back in there and the fly splates down, followed by an immediate response from below.....
Yes sir, that's what I like!

The first few were all Perch, this one a Greenie.....
I fished down a ways with the hopper. I caught fish, but really not that many for this stretch.
On the way back up I switched to a Cat's whisker and caught the first Guadalupe.....
This would be the plan from most of the afternoon. Start off using a foam hopper and then work the best spots again with a Cat's Whisker.
Work upstream just like you were dryfly fishing for Cutthroats......
Texas Cutthroats.....

And a few Texas Redbreast Trout.....
Well you know, I'm still jonesing for those little blue lines in the mountains.

There was a lot of real shallow water that held nothing but minnows and tiny perch. The next good looking spot.....
It held the only Largemouth I would catch today.....
And boy did he eat it.....
I caught many little Guadalupes right here too.....
And another.....
You get the idea.

Today most of the fish were concentrated in the pools below these drops
I caught many more here.
Silver ones.....
Greenish gold ones.....
And Redbreast too.....
It was near 4pm and getting seriously hot now. I pulled my stream thermometer out of my pocket and let it hang in the air for awhile.
Even wading knee deep in the shade of the Cypress tunnel I was getting overheated.
It was humid of course and there was also no wind to help. I looked down at the thermometer......

103 in the shade !!!?!?!!!
Yeap... this is summer time in Texas !!!!
It's Freakin Hot !!!!

More Bass.....
I fished on for a little bit more.
A nice sized Longear.....
More RedBreast.....

I was sucking down more and more water. The sweat soaked my hat, shirt, and now rolling down my shorts. I was still catching Guadalupes along the shaded bank, but, this was too much for even this native Texan. I wanted to fish this entire bend in the river. I have often fished here, from bridge to bridge, and then using road to walk back to the truck. Today I would turn around before getting even a third the way around the bend.
I caught this one and decided to end the day here and now.
I used the shade as much as possible on the way back.
Walking along the high ground and hoping to catch any little breeze to help cool me off.
As I walked through another cobble field I looked down and was what has to be a geologic abnormality.....
This was the most perfectly round rock I have ever seen. I thought it might be a geode, but seemed too heavy to be hollow.
I dropped it on the ground and yes it was just another piece of solid limestone cobble. Just as round as if it had been mechanically polished that way.

I got back to the truck none too soon. I opened the doors to let the heat out, stuck the key in the ignition to turn it on, and start the AC. I opened the rear hatch, threw the vest and rod inside. Then around to the passenger door to grab a cold Gatorade out of the cooler, I cracked that open and took a long deep drink. The cold liquid went down my throat and into my stomach. I could feel my internal temp starting to drop. I grabbed a cup took some cold water from the cooler and poured it over my head.
Now that's a welcome ice bucket challenge !

I walked back around the truck closing the doors and then dropping into the drivers seat with the cold AC blowing full blast.
I really was somewhere between discomfort and heat stress down on the river. If there had been some wind, it might have been tolerable, and would have stayed for the best bite of the day at dusk. But today enough was enough and I would enjoy the ride home, AC blowing it's cool relief, all the way back to San Antonio.
Ahhhh... Thank you Willis Carrier !


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Ron Mc
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Re: It's all about getting wet Again

Post by Ron Mc » Thu Aug 28, 2014 5:25 pm

fish live there - I know where that is...
I'm saving it for the fall bite...
Ron Mc

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Re: It's all about getting wet Again

Post by erhd55 » Fri Aug 29, 2014 2:02 pm

Nice fish.

I fished there about a month ago.
The water doesn't look like it's changed alot since then.


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Re: It's all about getting wet Again

Post by dmoczygemba » Thu Sep 11, 2014 8:20 am

The fish are pretty, but that piece of limestone is about the coolest thing I've seen. Awesome!!

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Re: It's all about getting wet Again

Post by Neile » Tue Sep 18, 2018 3:31 am

Your photos are amazing and you also describe the situation beautifully with pictures though so I am about to show the same to my friends lol , also share it on topresume with your reference , I hope you wont mind it at all, you will get credit for the same anyway

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